Top 15 Tips to Pay off Your Debt Faster

pay off debt faster

If you’re on your path to live a debt-free life, the first step is to reduce your dependence on credit cards to meet everyday expenses. While getting rid of credit cards altogether may not be possible right away, you can ease your way into a debt-free lifestyle by learning to manage your money better, eliminating wastage and impulse purchases, and living within your income.

Here are fifteen tips to help you succeed in your efforts to get freedom from all kinds of debt.


  • Include loan repayment in your weekly budget to ensure you’re regularly saving up to pay off monthly instalments.
  • Make sure to also include debt repayment in your monthly and annual budgets.
  • Make an excel document and list all of your loans along with monthly payments, total remaining amount and term, and rate of interest.
  • Sort this list according to rate of interest and make it a priority to pay off the ones with the higher interest rates first.
  • Check with your lending agency if paying off a loan early will result in any penalties. Create a separate repayment fund for those loans that can be paid off early without penalty.
  • Start making payments in round figures. For instance, if your loan instalment is $357 a month, pay $400. This will significantly reduce your total interest as well as your overall loan term.
  • If you have a few loans, pay off the smaller amounts first. As you sign off each small loan, it will give you the motivation to tackle the big loans with the same energy.
  • To pay off your debt faster, cut a few expenses, such as magazine or club subscriptions, and use that amount toward repayments.
  • Find ways to reduce your grocery, utility and fuel bills and put that money into your loan payments.
  • Even ten dollars saved every week can be used to pay off your creditors.
  • Be regular with debt repayment to avoid your credit score from being affected.
  • Use tax refund and shopping cashback to pay off loans.
  • Pay your debt on time to avoid wasting money on late fees and penalties. Also avoid penalties by paying your other bills on time.
  • Find ways to increase your income so that you can pay off your loans swiftly and gain financial freedom.
  • Last but not least, get your family on the same page regarding going debt-free so that they can help you achieve the goal.


When you have no pressing debt, you have the freedom to consider taking a payday loan in case of an emergency. If your credit score does not look good and you know that a bank or credit union will not approve your emergency loan, check out personal loans for people with bad credit.

Before taking out any kind of loan, however, carefully consider if you really need the amount you’re applying for and whether you’ll be able to pay it off in time.

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