Personal Financial Update, April 2020

April has arrived and with it some welcome warmer weather.  I gave my lawn tractor a tune up a few days ago in anticipation of the coming mowing season, and I started to clean out some of the mulch beds around the house.  Work on our cabin continues with new electrical outlets and switches installed, a fresh coat of paint in the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms, and trim work throughout.  Coronavirus is still front and center in all our lives pretty much touching the way that we do everything.  Here is a look at my finances in these early Spring days.

Wealth Building

As you can imagine my portfolio has taken a large hit.  It has recovered some, but I am still down around $80,000.  I bumped up the contribution to my brokerage account by $100 last month to try to buy a little more during the lower market.  No one knows when this will end and when life will get back to normal, but I do know that if I stick to a plan, not panic, and keep regularly investing, then it will pay off long-term.


Here is a breakdown of my current debt versus the last update that I posted in March.

DebtLast UpdateCurrent UpdateChange
Line of Credit$1,715.22$1,675.93($39.29)
Truck Loan$15,146.48$14,775.39($371.09)
Student Loans$34,482.48$34,225.71($256.77)


Down over $1,100 since March.  I have said that I would like to see this number fall faster, but during these times I am holding onto cash.  A job loss seems like a real possibility.  I am still working and receiving full pay, so I am thankful for that.  But until things normalize, I am doing minimal debt repayments in favor of beefing up my emergency fund.


Income is thankfully holding steady.  Our raises and bonuses are on holds at work, so that stings, but I am at least still working.  Some of my friends are not so lucky.  Due to coronavirus and social distancing guidelines I am unable to do any side work in peoples’ homes.  So, no extra income streams now.

Changes for Next Update

Thins are changing in the world daily.  This category is up in the air based on how things play out with the pandemic.  I am going to continue building cash and paying off debt.  Beyond that I have no idea.  Please stay safe out there.  Until next month.

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