How to Make Money in Ohio

There is no definitive answer to how to make money in Ohio. Who you are, what you can do, your strengths and weaknesses, the kind of money you want to make and your personal preferences, everything will come into play while choosing a way to make money in the state.

Those who are employed fulltime or run a business should not have to look for ways to make money, unless those who are working on minimum wage. Those who are employed part time or have contractual employment, those struggling with their enterprises and unemployed residents of the state will have to explore some unconventional means. You can always sign up for a professional training program, learn some skills or go for higher education that would increase your likelihood of getting employed. You may also venture into something promising, either as a solo entrepreneur or with relevant partners.

Here are some ways to make some extra money in Ohio. Some of these are quite common and some are rather unconventional.

Donate Plasma

If you are a healthy individual, then there are plenty of physical things you can sell. You can donate plasma. There are websites available today that you can refer to. You can find a reputed location somewhere nearby and get paid up to $50 for a pint of plasma. You can donate plasma twice within seven days. You can make around $200 per month.

Sell Your Hair

You can sell your hair. Buying and selling of human hair is a global industry. You would not be able to do this every now and then as you must grow your hair long enough and it should also be in desirable condition. Usually, you can make up to $50 per ounce of quality human hair. The exact type of hair, its natural color, texture and other factors will influence the cost.

Donate Bone Marrow

Donating bone marrow is harder than donating plasma or selling hair but it is doable. The process is painful so it is not recommended. The earning potential is around $500. You would need to invest two days for the complete procedure, from your health checkup to the actual extraction.

Donate Sperm

Men can donate sperm and women can donate eggs. You can get paid around $50 for every time you donate sperm. There are monthly contractual options as well. The quality of your sperm will determine the actual cost. Women may not find the process of donating eggs as simple as how men would donate sperm but the financial gain is also greater. You may also sign up for paid trials or testing. Pharmaceuticals and cosmetic brands pay people to try their products. You can easily make up to $30 every day for such participation.

Rent Your Skills

If you are not looking to capitalize on your physical assets, then you can explore your soft skills. Any worthwhile skill will always remain in demand, unless it has been rendered irrelevant by technology or no longer necessary in our society. You can teach anything that you know and are really good at. You can teach any type of art, be it drama, dance, music, singing or writing. You can coach a sports team if you are passionate about the game and have been good at it. You can teach everything from fishing to driving in Ohio. Private tuition is a rewarding job. Not only would you earn well but also have a satiating time with a young student who is eager to learn.

Become a Consultant

You can consider freelancing or be a consultant and offer your expertise. There are scores of skills companies from around the world are looking for. You can sign up on freelancing websites. You can set up your own small business and be self-employed. You can join networks that would help you bag projects. You can earn by the hour, per day or per month. You can have contractual projects. You can also get fulltime jobs where you can work from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to look for opportunities within the state to make money in Ohio. You can work with companies based in faraway Japan or Australia, China or even Russia.

There are many companies that would pay you for participating in their surveys, for telling them which products you use and services you like, there are market research companies looking for consumers to share their feedback and focus groups wherein you can earn some money. The quantum of return on your investment of time and effort will vary. If worse comes to worse, you can always opt for a title loan against your vehicle, although I wouldn’t recommend it.


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