DIY vs Professional Hygiene

Most people feel comfortable taking a DIY approach to their hygiene, but is that enough? What are the differences between handling your own hygiene, and leaving it up to the professionals?

Let’s compare common hygiene hotspots and find out.

Oral Hygiene

Most people have some kind of oral hygiene routine in place. Daily brushing, flossing, and rinsing are enough to keep problems like bad breath and cavities at bay, but they simply cannot match a professional cleaning.

Keeping your mouth healthy is crucial to a healthy heart, great first impressions, and confidence, so it’s best handled by the professionals.

Instead of wasting money on gimmicks and drug store solutions, invest in full coverage dental insurance. This normally covers emergency procedures, which means you have the peace of mind needed should something go wrong, but also treatments like teeth whitening and deep cleaning.

Do what you can when it comes to oral hygiene, but make sure you seek professional help at least twice a year.


Taking care of your skin, hair, and nails may seem like a luxury, but good personal hygiene is essential in avoiding skin conditions, unsightly illnesses, and embarrassing odors.

It can even make the difference between getting that job or securing a second date.

It’s best to get a solid routine for home, that includes daily showers, washing your hair, looking after your skin, and keeping your nails clean and trim. Then, for special occasions, visit an expert salon to get to the places you can’t reach.

Household Hygiene

Keeping your home clean is a huge part of your overall hygiene. A dirty house breeds bacteria and germs that can make you and your loved ones ill.  Again, you need a balanced approach here. Handle the daily tasks like laundry, picking up after yourself and doing dishes yourself (or rope in family members).  Then, call in the professionals for services like steam cleaning carpets, or deep cleaning mattresses, walls, and windows. It may cost a little extra, but you will be helping maintain a healthy home while protecting the value of your property.

Hand Hygiene

Dirty hands transmit some serious diseases, including flu and the common cold. Get into the habit of washing regularly, and pack hand sanitizer in your bag or car. You probably don’t need professional help here.

Food Hygiene

Preparing meals in a safe way is essential to keeping your family healthy. Do some research on the rules around preparing food – for example, never reuse a knife that has been used to cut raw chicken, to avoid Salmonella. There are also guidelines on how to keep your food preparation surfaces clean and germ-free. Apply them, and then get a professional cleaning service in once a month to eradicate any harmful germs.

The Results

When it comes to hygiene, it is best to get into healthy habits on your own, and then call in the professionals for help when needed. It may cost a little extra, but it’s better not to take chances when it comes to your health.

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