Saved My Marriage

The greatest relationship of my life was in dire peril. My wonderful beautiful wife had just confessed to me her secret love of online shopping. She had a whole secret storage unit in Brooklyn, filled with ill-gotten gains that had been acquired on Amazon without my knowledge. We lived together for five years and she had racked up tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt on boots, dresses, shoes and even makeup. Yes. Makeup.

Since I had just lost my job, I was without funds to pay down this monstrous debt. I had no idea what to do. Most of her purchases were made before we were married, so her credit was a mess. Charge offs, closed cards with old balances and delinquent debt abounded. Even when I was able to snag another gig, we had very little money in the budget to try to pay down what she owed.

I was at my wit’s end when I found There were so many problems with her credit report, I did not even know where to start. When I started to work with their representatives, I was immediately impressed. The company has over 19 years of experience and the initial fee was only $12.95. Right away, the company was upfront that the monthly fee was $99.95, but I was happy that it included Trans-Union credit monitoring and email/text alerts for changes in your credit report. That was a match made in heaven for my wife and I, because the credit problems were some complicated and convoluted, I was kept in the loop from day 1. I never missed an update from for a disputed item or score jump.

The game plan was put in place by my contacts at and they handled all the correspondence and negotiations with the 3 major credit bureaus. I did not have to make a phone call or write one certified letter. I just followed along on the mobile app and text messaging. It was exactly what I needed to get back to working on the relationship with my wife.

Some of you might be wondering how long it took to repair our credit. Well, because my wife had caused such a mess with our finances, the case was a lot more complex than the typical credit repair situations takes on. I can tell you they got to work right away and did not let up until it was done.


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