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When taking a loan from a loan lender, a few things are important to consider. These are the factors that determine how much of a wise decision it would be to engage with the loan lender. You must take into account his terms very carefully and be sure you can meet those conditions before going ahead with the loan. This is very important as it can put you in a more precarious position than the one for which you needed a loan in the first place. So what are these factors?

The first thing to consider on a loan offer is, how much on top of this loan am I expected to pay back? If you consider this carefully, you will be able to tell if it is a smart decision to go ahead with the application or if it will only postpone the pressure and may even involve legal action in the future. After ascertaining how much will be added, you need to put that information against your earning and see how much you will have to set aside to be able to repay the loan.

Say you’ve checked the interest rate, and it is comfortable for you, and you would be able to make a full repayment comfortably. The next thing to consider is, taking into consideration your monthly spend from your monthly paycheck, how long will it take you to make this repayment? You need to compare the time you arrive at with the repayment time the lender is proposing. Do they match? If they do, then you could tentatively move on with it. The ideal situation is that you need less time, from your projections, to repay the loan than the lender is proposing. This way, there is some cushion time if another unforeseen incident arises that causes the repayment to be delayed. If the time you project you need to repay the loan is more than the time the lender is proposing for the loan to be repaid, it is a clear sign that this loan may be suitable to your need but not suitable to your pocket. If only you could get an extension on the repayment time, it would be easier to negotiate this loan and more importantly, easier to repay. If this is your situation, you may find hope in the new 12-month loans on offer at

12-month loans from Creditpoor

Creditpoor, the UK’s premium loan lender, focused on providing credit for persons with bad credit, now also offers 12-month loans. We will review the general terms of this loan plan, and at the end of it, you can determine if it is for you or not. The loans work as extended payday loans, with a fixed amount to be repaid. Often, 12-month loans are tied to your credit history, and you can attract higher interest rates if you don’t have excellent credit. T he loans can be secured, unsecured, personal or even co-signed with a guarantor. It is important to note that the long repayment plan means that you can spread out the amount to be repaid over a longer time. It also means, pound for pound you are paying more because of the longer period, but this is hard to notice as the lump sum is spread over a year such that each month you’re paying a small fraction of it. What is required for a 12-month payday loan is the same set of requirements at play in other loans: you must be over 18, a citizen of the United Kingdom and have a paying job which will help lenders assess the repayment schedule.

Generally speaking, the 12-month loans are ideal for people looking to spread their payment, and there will be prospective borrowers whose financial situation will be a perfect fit for this loan. However, it is important to say that if you have a critical assessment of your finances and it is possible to repay a loan within a month or with just one paycheck, that arrangement would be more advisable because cumulatively, it saves you a lot of money to pay once. For those whose purpose is well suited to this loan type, though, the best 12-month loans fast with the best rates will be found on Creditpoor. For more information on these extended loans, please visit





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