Buying Used Items

You have certainly needed or wanted something in your lifetime.  And, what do you do when you want or need to buy an item?  You most likely go to a store or a website and purchase whatever it is you are looking for correct?  That is normally what I do for everyday items.  Walmart and […]

When You Need Money Now for Emergency

Sometimes, a situation may arise in life when we need to manage an unprecedented financial crisis. A huge amount of expenditure may cause financial instability, and thus we may need to set up goals for gaining financial stability through various plans. Asking for financial help from family or friends can be disappointing and at times […]

Smart Ways to Save on Your Energy Bills This Winter

Now that there’s a chill in the air and many homeowners are starting to look ahead to the fall and winter holidays, it’s time to prepare your home for the seasonal change. But if you’ve already had to turn on your heating system, you might be worried about what the weather could cost you. Statistics […]

Personal Financial Update. Oct. 2019, Part 1

October is upon us, and so is the chilly weather.  I had to light a fire in the wood stove while I was doing some work at our camp this past weekend.  I’m starting to price oil, as I will need to fill the tanks for the furnace soon.  I also need to buy propane […]

Don’t Buy a Car Unless You’re Ready to Pay the Loan: You Have Other Options

If you have enough money, you might pay for a new car in cash. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. You have to opt for financing so that you can divide the expense over several months. You have to change your monthly budget as soon as you decide to purchase a new car through financing. […]

The Advantages Of Hiring An Expert When It Comes To Pest Control

Whether we like it or not, we live with pests inside or outside our house. Some are brave enough to swat a crawling cockroach on the floor or a mosquito that land on their skin. But most pests are difficult to exterminate. A colony of insects is hard to put down since they are usually […]

Earning cryptocurrency via interest accounts – a new trend

Previously, you could make passive income on cryptocurrencies by holding them and hoping that they would rise in terms of dollars rate. Today, we have a new string of saving programs, which promise annual interests for locking up the digital assets. Many companies are now introducing interest to their clients. They are offering up to […]

Tips to Get a Faster Response to Your Business Loan Application

When you have an excellent business idea but don’t have the capital to get it off the ground yourself, chances are you’ll apply for a business loan. If you want your great idea to get off the ground quickly, you need a loan that will go through the application and approval process quickly. While many […]

12 Ways New Zealand Startups Can Improve Their Financial Outlook

New Zealand has one of the world’s top 25 startup ecosystems in terms of the number of businesses per capita, making it an ideal place to launch a new company. With an estimated 400-600 tech startups situated throughout the small island nation, there’s already a fair amount of competition within the local economy. However, with […]

Personal Financial Update, Part 2. September 2019

As September draws to a close fall is in the air here.  The nights are getting cooler and the leaves on the trees are starting to turn and fall.  We closed the swimming pool for the season a week ago, and we have begun harvesting fruit from our pear and apple trees.  Soon I’ll be […]