Why You Need a Personal Investment Plan: Now

There are several reasons to start a personal investment plan, ASAP. The bottom line is that if you are spending everything you save, then you work is not leading you in the right direction. Eventually, you will want all of your income to be from your investments so that you can enjoy all of your […]

Most Profitable Index Funds for Diversification

There is one large misconception in the personal finance world. That it takes a specialized skillset or knowledge to invest your money. In reality there are indexes funds that have been making people wealthy for ages. VOO/SPY Both of these funds should be a starting place for index fund investing. They will both track the […]

Morris Day Net Worth 2017

Childhood Morris Day was born on December 13, 1957 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Although no information has even been released about his personal life, he is best know as the lead singer of The Time. Musical Career Days musical career began in high school when himself and Prince started a band called Grand Central. He eventually […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading

There is so much to learn before you start day trading. You’ll need to understand what to trade, when to trade, how much capital to spend and how to manage risk. To ensure you get off to the best possible start, read the beginner’s guide to day trading. Pick the Right Market for You The […]

What is the Difference Between the Rich and The Poor?

It’s a touchy subject, talking about money, but for the sake of helping a few us, lets take some time to discuss what is the difference between rich people and poor people. Full disclosure; when we talk about rich and poor here, we are talking about finances. Lets all remember that health is 1000x more […]

A $100 Gift Card Could Be Yours If You Tell Us a Few Things

Want a $100 gift card for Amazon? 

Capital Management When Trading

Trading comes with risk. No matter what asset you’re trading, no matter how you plan to trade, there will always be the risk of losing capital. However, there are ways to dial down that risk. These strategies are called capital management or loss exposure strategies. Today, we’ll talk about what capital management is, the two […]

Why Do We Value Worthless Paper As Money?

I’ve got a hundred dollar bill in my pocket and with the possibility of a zombie attack imminent I want to trade it in for real gold. Don’t worry about whether this makes sense or not. I want my gold. I’ve never had any and it seems like the right time. The important question to […]

Save Money Driving – Fuel Saving Tips 11 – 15

Are you driving to see family this holiday season? Taking a road trip to see the fam can be cheaper and more (or less) convenient than taking a flight. If you haven’t noticed, in the past 10 days fuel prices have dropped 50 cents in many areas across the country. But don’t be deceived, they’re […]

Chances That The US Will Plummet Off The Fiscal Cliff

Many people have heard about the fiscal cliff and the devastating toll it will take on our economy if we in fact go over the edge. Because of tax adjustments, people will make about 4% less, business will lay thousands of people off, consumers will stop spending money, home short sales will cease to exist, […]