List of Helpful Financial Resources

I thought it might be helpful to share my financial resource list. This is not a list of ideals but a list of actual financial websites, services, and publications that I use and have found value in. Hopefully you too can take advantage of some of these in your own life and financial journeys. Financial […]

Grow Your Business: 6 Different Types of Business Loans You Need to Know

Are you looking for funds to start or grow your business? Well, you have a couple of options. You could run a crowdfunding campaign, find equity and angel investors or take out a business loan. In this article, our focus is on business loans. Although banks, especially the big ones, have a reputation of turning […]

Find Out About Currency Markets With Online Rankings of Forex Brokers

For those who are new, the trading stock can be really intimidating with all its pros and cons. However, that certainly will not mean that you should not discover a way to do it. Not many people are a stock expert, and this is a quick primer, the currency markets is a program where both individuals, […]

Why Invest In a New Website For Your Business?

If deep down you know that your company’s website is lacking in terms of modern technology then there’s no time like the present to make a change. Your website is just one way that you present yourself to the world, and ensuring that it is accessible to everyone –whether that’s competitors or those who buy […]

Research Before You Take a Chance: 7 IPO Investment Tips for the Most Profit

  About 8,497 companies have issued IPOs between 1980 to 2018. As an investor, you might’ve considered investing in famous IPOs such as Facebook, Alibaba, and General Motors. Yet, you might’ve thought about it twice because you didn’t want to put so much money on the line. Sometimes investing in IPOs may not be the […]

Find a Penny, Pick It Up: 5 of the Best Penny Stocks Worth Your Money in 2019

The economy is booming! That’s great news for anyone looking for investment opportunities. Yet not every newbie investor is interested in risking big money. Does this describe you? If so, penny stocks could be the perfect option! Penny stocks are typically described as any stock priced under $5. These stocks are diamonds in the rough, […]

Stop Foreclosure Fast! 7 Tips to Avoid Foreclosure at the Last Minute

You’re not imagining it—home foreclosures are officially on the rise throughout the United States. Foreclosures occur when you’ve demonstrated a consistent inability to make your mortgage payments. Your lender can repossess your home because you’re not making payments. In addition to losing your home due to foreclosure, you may also need to pay your lender penalty money […]

Splash Your Cash Where it Counts: 8 Property Investment Tips for Beginners

You need to take advantage of the current housing market before it’s too late. It’s currently a seller’s market. That could all change overnight if the economy tanks. If you’ve been thinking about investing in property you need to do it quickly so you can turn around and sell that property before things change.

Movin’ On Up: 3 Things to Know When Buying an Apartment

There are over one million households in the U.S. that live in apartments. Apartments are great options for big cities and those looking for simpler living. The options are endless and diverse. Buying an apartment isn’t as hard as buying a house, but there are still things you should know. Keep reading to find out […]

Home Selling Tips: 7 Easy Tricks to Help You Sell Your House Fast

Homes stay on the market for an average of 65 days, but some houses remain on the market for several months. A lot of people can’t afford to have their home in limbo for that long. They’re ready to sell their home fast and get paid. But how can you ensure that your home gets […]