Important Tips For Money Management

You don’t necessarily need a high-end job or even an inheritance to improve your personal financial situation. And if you think you’re trapped in a poor financial position without a way to escape, there are a few strategies you can utilize to improve your situation.

Why Is Online Gambling Growing So Much?

The internet has greatly affected all our lives, but in a good way. It has made shopping easier, sped up our communication and it has brought entertainment on a whole other level. However, one industry has been on a steady rise for a couple of years, and it is the gambling industry. Many traditional brick […]

Thinking of Investing in a Business? Ask These Questions First

No investors want to put their money in any venture without doing some research. This move helps them to determine if they are risking their money. The answer may be no or yes based on various reasons. However, investors are advised to do a thorough investigation and remove any doubts upon the target company before […]

Tips For Investing in a Medical Practice

Few people understand that it is possible to invest in high-quality medical facilities and expand their portfolio in fascinating ways. However, you need to make sure that you don’t put your money in a suitable facility for your financial needs. The following tips will make it easier for you to invest in a successful business […]

Simple Ways to Keep Your Next Car Purchase More Affordable

In modern times, owning a car is a symbol of independence. It feels more rewarding when you can buy your own car and you have the freedom to go wherever you please. It just tells the world, “I am a functioning adult who is making it in life.” Over time, you’ll eventually need to replace […]

What Factors are Used to Determine How Much You Pay for Car Insurance?

If you own and drive your own car, you are legally required to have it covered with insurance. Unless your car is declared off the road and you don’t drive it at all, it’s a criminal offence to be uninsured – and even if you don’t drive your car, insurance is a wise idea since […]

Why IFRS 17 is Necessary: A Rationale

International Financial Reporting Standard 17  or simply, IFRS 17, is a new standard that has replaced IFRS 4 (2004). It is set to transform and standardize how insurance contracts are issued around the world. Additionally, the IFRS 17 standard will significantly change how financial data is presented in these contracts, including profit recognition and income […]

Can My Small Business Invest in Stocks?

Small businesses can also make their investments out of their profits to generate additional income. The best option for hectic business owners is to invest in “hands-off,” low-risk stock investments.  Among all the businesses that operate in the US right now, 99% are small businesses, while 88% of employers in the country are owners of […]

What does the continued travel ban mean for UK stocks?

The FTSE 100 has endured a challenging 12 months, during which time it has struggled against the backdrop of coronavirus and ongoing lockdown measures across the length and breadth of the UK.

U.S. Money Reserve Celebrates the Rich History and Tradition of Gold in the United States

  The marvel of U.S. gold and silver coinage goes back to the late 1700s when the U.S. Congress passed the Coinage Act of 1792, establishing the U.S. Mint as well as setting the ratio of silver to gold at 15 to 1. The California Gold Rush was also a defining era in U.S. gold […]