Knowing Your Rights: Debt Collection is less Stressful than it Sounds

If you fall behind on your bills and become delinquent on payments, it’s almost a given that your account will be sent into collections. When you think of being in collections and owing a debt, you might be confused and frightened over what this entails. After all, no one likes to be threatened or provoked […]

Creditpoor Now Offering 12 Month Loans

When taking a loan from a loan lender, a few things are important to consider. These are the factors that determine how much of a wise decision it would be to engage with the loan lender. You must take into account his terms very carefully and be sure you can meet those conditions before going […]

Removing the Roadblocks of Bad Credit: Strategies for Securing a Personal Loan

Life has a way of throwing us surprises. Whether you are suddenly facing unexpected home or vehicle repairs, you have a destination wedding to attend, or it is the perfect time for you to launch a start-up, you need a personal loan. If your credit history is less than stellar, do not fear. There are […]

Should Parents Pay for Their Kids’ College?

When it’s time to send your kid off to college, the inevitable question will come up: Who should pay? For those who are seen as pretty well off, most people will assume it’s the parents’ responsibility. But does it have to be?  Parents Can Give Their Children A Better Start Into Adulthood As parents we […]

Mortgage Basics (and two great strategies to annoy your banker)

Mortgages. Even the name sounds like someone attaching chains to your legs, doesn’t it? But there’s good news: mortgages don’t have to be ominous, and if you do them wisely, you can come out ahead on your mortgage decision. Let’s start with what a typical mortgage looks like and then we’ll talk about some strategies […]

Can Debt Settlement Be Your Way Out of Debt?

Debt is a serious problem for more than 50 percent of the households in the United States. But before we can talk about a way out of debt, you must understand the mechanism for getting into debt. Is Credit Really Your Friend? If you’re like most people you’ll find your mail box full of pre-approved […]

Don’t Hit The Panic Button! How Financial Woes Can Be Solved With A Second Set of Eyes

Things are looking bad. Every turn you make with your accounts erupts in problems, and overdrafts. There is no feeling like failing financially. There are few things more burdensome. But there is hope, and the answer isn’t to make more money. The answer lies in understanding a few financial principles well, and executing them well.

How to Prioritize Debt Payments

One of the biggest questions out there is how does one prioritize debt payments. Should I pay my student loans off first or my credit card? Should I be simultaneously putting money aside towards my savings with a 401k or Roth IRA? These are all great questions to ask, and the answers are crucial to […]

Build a Budget That Works: Part Three

Today is part three of the ”Build a Budget That Works” series. Check out parts One and Two! Once you’ve calculated your budget based on your three expenses it’s likely now time to make some changes. Because ever situation is very personal, I can only make suggestions rather than tell you exactly what to do […]

How To Build a Budget That Works: Part One

If I’m being honest-and honesty is something I rely on blogging for-I didn’t have a budget most of my life. I had NO idea how to manage money. None. Zip. Zilch. I was totally clueless about money and what to do with it. Sure I knew people put money in savings accounts but growing up […]