How Personal Branding Helps You Find Side Gigs

It’s easy to advertise your skills, but hanging up flyers or creating social media accounts that simply list what you provide will not appeal to prospective clients. There’s just too many people already doing those things, and those looking to hire are not just going to pick anybody. They’re going to choose the people who […]

Unemployed? Immediate Actions To Take Right Now

Have you recently found yourself unemployed? It may seem like the world is crashing around you but all is not lost. Yes, you will have stress from not having an income and the sting of having to rely on the emergency fund or dip into credit cards for a while, but many see their joblessness […]

Small Business Loan Do’s and Don’ts

If you thought that navigating a competitive marketplace was challenging, then it can seem like a proverbial picnic compared to trying to get clear answers regarding small business loans. Indeed, whether it’s banks with an excessive amount of small print that requires a PhD in Legaleze, or sketchy lenders who offer loans that seem too […]

4 Industries that are Great for Second Careers

In todays’ economy, it is rare for someone to stay with the same company or even a select few companies for their entire career.  A generation ago it was not all that uncommon to for someone to get a job in their early twenties and work for that one company their entire career.  Those types […]

Employment for Accountants Will See Continued Growth

It’s no surprise that the accounting profession is projected to grow in the next decade. Figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate an estimated 11 percent increase in job opportunities between 2014 and 2024. Additionally, several factors may contribute to these gains. Staffing giant Robert Half International cited the rise in aging Baby […]

What are The Well Hidden Business Specialties?

Many people know that they are interested in business, but are not sure exactly what kind of jobs they want. When you think of a business career, you probably think about chasing profits for big corporations. Some business jobs are centered around achieving this goal, but there are other jobs related to business that are […]

Want to Become an Investment Scam Victim? Ignore These 7 Dead Giveaways

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, millions of Americans become victims of financial fraud each year. Since only 15 percent of Americans report these crimes, you probably know someone who’s fallen prey to a scam but feels too embarrassed to share what happened. You might think an investment scam could never happen to you, […]

You Can Be the Change: How to Be a Positive Force for Better Communities

How many times have you encountered an older person, or someone who has lived in your city or town — or even your neighborhood — for many years, who laments the current state of the community? “Things just aren’t the same,” they might say. “This place used to be so much better.” Crime, poverty, economic […]

How to Get the Most From Your College’s Professional Development Services

When you begin evaluating different educational programs, the quality of the school’s career services is likely to be something you consider. After all, you’re earning your degree with the ultimate goal of landing a great job, and it’s always good to have as many resources at your disposal as possible. However, even the best career […]