4 Industries that are Great for Second Careers

career advisorIn todays’ economy, it is rare for someone to stay with the same company or even a select few companies for their entire career.  A generation ago it was not all that uncommon to for someone to get a job in their early twenties and work for that one company their entire career.  Those types of employee-employer relationships are becoming much more a thing of the past.  For that reason, it is important for older workers to be open to changing industries or careers.  Ongoing training is a must in order to keep up with technological advances and ways of doing business.  With the ups and downs in the economy over the past decade, more people than ever are looking for a second career later in life.  Here are four industries that are great for those people looking for a second career.


Workers who have gathered a wealth of knowledge and intelligence in a particular discipline are great candidates to transition to the classroom.  Even if you are not great speaking in front of people you can still use your skills as an online instructor. Many schools at all levels of the education spectrum are using online courses more and more often.  If you are able to speak in front of students than the traditional classroom may be the best place for you to work.  No matter how you feel most comfortable, the education industry is always a good place for you to use your knowledge to benefit the next generation and find a fulfilling second career for yourself.  Education

Digital Marketing

If you have even the most basic knowledge of technology and you are an adept writer than digital marketing may be a possibility for you. Most all businesses now have some presence on the web and most do not realize how much business they can generate if just a small amount of effort.  More and more entrepreneurs are warming up to the fact that they need to have a strong presence on the web. By taking just a few classes or seminars on the basics of SEO and HTML you can position yourself to make a strong impact to a business as a digital marketing specialist. Especially if you can work for a company that is in an industry that you have a wealth of experience in, it may be worth your time to look in to promoting that business on the web.


Insurance is an industry that is always in demand.  Several coverages are required by law both on the personal and business side.  Whether you desire to help people secure home owners or car insurance or you would prefer helping business owners get small business workers compensation insurance 

Computer Programming

If you like computers, math and problem solving, computer programming may be a perfect fit for a second career. No matter what your degree is in, you may be able to work in the field of computer programming. Again, you may need to take a few courses or enroll in a certificate program to gain additional credibility.  This is actually a field that can be quite lucrative if you have the necessary skills.

Mitchell Sharp is a Marketing Associate for WorkersCompensationShop.com. Mitchell has extensive knowledge of workers’ compensation and cyber liability. His passion is in using his knowledge of commercial insurance, social media and content marketing to benefit the small business community.

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