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What is the Difference Between the Rich and The Poor?

It’s a touchy subject, talking about money, but for the sake of helping a few us, lets take some time to discuss what is the difference between rich people and poor people. Full disclosure; when we talk about rich and poor here, we are talking about finances. Lets all remember that health is 1000x more […]

A $100 Gift Card Could Be Yours If You Tell Us a Few Things

Want a $100 gift card for Amazon? 

Diversified Index Portfolio – Get Rich, Slowly or Quickly!

Everyone in today’s market is talking about the next big tech stock that can make you millions, but over time history has showed us that the winning strategy is actually a lot simpler than we thought. You guessed it, buying the indices! For those of you just learning finance (never a better time to start […]

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

I hate cliches, but this one holds true. There is only one life to do what you want and to have the impact on the world that you want to have, so you do not even have the time to sell yourself short and think that you are average. Everyone, every single person, has the […]

Is Tim Sykes a Scammer? 

In short this topic does not really need explaining. It is a simple yes that Tim Sykes and his businesses are complete scams. That’s all we need, but to emphasize our point we’ll walk you through a clearly defined list of steps that will make you wonder how anyone could be so senseless to believe […]