10 Great Frugal Christmas Ideas


There are so many things to do and purchase during the holidays – that if you are not careful you can really spend a lot of money. However, if you plan carefully and use some of your creativity, you can end up saving a lot of money where you least expect it. Having fun over the holidays does not have to cost a fortune. There are plenty of inexpensive things you can do right in your own town. Here is a look at the top 10 great frugal Christmas Ideas that can save you money.

Send Out eCards. Rather than spend the extra money purchasing Christmas cards and then even more money to mail them out, why not skip it all and just sent out eCards. They are easy to create and fun to send. You can customize your ecards to say exactly what you want to say and even include your own pictures. Best of all it is 100% free.

Unique Wrapping Paper. Why waste so much money purchasing Christmas paper that only get torn up and tossed in the garbage. Instead, save back several weeks of the comic section from the newspaper. This make the best wrapping paper and is sure to be the talk of the party.

Popcorn for Decorations. If you are looking for a cheap way to trim the tree, just make some popcorn and grab a string. Stringing popcorn to hang on the tree is a tradition that dates back many years. These strings of popcorn are fun to make and you get to eat some popcorn too.

Reuse Last Year’s Cards. Hopefully, you did not throw away last year’s Christmas cards. You can use these cards this year to make some great decorations for you tree. Just cut circles out of the card, punch a hole in the top and tie a string around it and you have a great ornament. You can also grab some plain white paper and cut out some snowflakes from the paper to hang on your tree.

Borrow a Movie from the Library. If you do not have extra money to go to the movies or even rent a movie, do not let that stop you. Head out to your local library and see if they have movies you can borrow. Many libraries offer this service and they might even have a Christmas movie available.

Free Music Concerts. One of the best things about the holidays is that there is usually an array of free musical concerts and parades you can attend. Check your local paper and check around to see what free events are available in your town.

Office Gift Swap. Buying a gift for everyone at the office can be quite expensive. Instead suggest that everyone picks a name from a hat and you only have to buy a present for that person. This can save a lot of money and make the holidays fun as everyone guesses who has their name.

Fill a Stocking. If you have an extra-large extended family buying presents for everyone can be too expensive for anyone. One family with this problem decided to hang a sock for every member of the family and everyone just brings a small stocking stuffer to put in the sock. These gifts can be very inexpensive to purchase. Once everyone puts their gift in the sock, everyone has a sock full of goodies for the holiday, but no one had to spend a lot of money.

Watch Out for Santa. If your kids want to sit on Santa’s lap or you were hoping to get a picture of them with Santa, you definitely want to skip the Santa at the mall. Typically, they charge a good bit of money to sit on Santa’s lap and even more to take a picture. Instead, see if your local town has certain times that Santa is coming to town or another nearby location where you can take your own picture for free.

Make Paper Chains. Do not waste your money buying an advent calendar or another countdown to Christmas product. Instead, pull out your red and green construction paper and make some rings that link together. Add as many links to the chain as there are days until Christmas. Your kids can remove a link every day until Christmas. It is just as much fun without the added expense.

These frugal ideas can help save you a lot of money during the holiday season and keep you from taking out loans or using credit. Even if you choose just to do a few of these great ideas, you will end up saving a lot of money. Be creative and think of your own frugal ideas to save even more money. Remember that the holidays are about spending time with your friends and family and not about spending money.

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