retirement planning

3 Ways to Do Retirement Planning the Right Way

Retirement planning can sound so ominous, sort of like preparing for death. However, it’s something we all need to look at regardless of the type of retirement we want – whether that be early retirement or a more traditional retirement scenario. The last … [Read More...]


Bull vs Bear market

What Drives Investor Behavior?

The American Dream is, “If we can dream it, we can do it”. Too often we take this mindset into stock trading and it fails us. When we read and hear success stories of the rich and famous it always includes their tales of how they never gave up. They followed … [Read More...]


Financially Competent Infographic

Infographic Of The Day – Who Is “Financially Competent?”

Infographics are a fantastic way to learn for those that prefer a visual representation of subject matter.  Once a week, I will feature an infographic that details a basic financial concept with stunning clarity.  As a blog dedicated to financial education and … [Read More...]


What are The Well Hidden Business Specialties?

Many people know that they are interested in business, but are not sure exactly what kind of jobs they want. When you think of a business career, you probably think about chasing profits for big corporations. Some business jobs are centered around achieving … [Read More]


What the Credit Card Companies Do Not Want You To Know

Ah this is a great topic for the holiday season…Credit cards are the best invention ever made right? Well, they may be a great invention for credit card companies (especially right around this time of year), but for the consumer that does not understand their … [Read More]


Personal Finance Book Review – The Millionaire Mind by Thomas J. Stanley

The Millionaire Mind written by Thomas J. Stanley is a survey-based book, meaning that it surveyed thousands of self-made wealthy Americans regarding of how they (those surveyed) believe they were able to achieve relative financial success. The following … [Read More]


Near Term Predictions on the Global Economy : Recession in the Near Term is Feasible

This phrase is one that will certainly strike fear into most, as our minds drift back to the 2008 financial crisis, when the U.S. and global economy seemed to be jumping off a continuous cliff, leaving all citizens uncertain of the future. However, it is … [Read More]

Being Frugal When Choosing Your Next Car

Frugal is the new black isn't it? These days, everyone is looking for ways to stretch their dollars further. In fact, it's so popular, it's sexy! The problem is that everyone seems to talk about the simple stuff. You know, clipping coupons, choosing credit … [Read More]

Regulation A Offerings

Regulation A Offering: Potentially Life Changing

Regulation A Offerings There are two questions running through your head. What on earth is a “Regulation A Offering”? And - Why do I care about a Regulation A Offering as a personal investor? Great questions, and as usual, the answer revolves around … [Read More]