What are The Well Hidden Business Specialties?

write-593333_640Many people know that they are interested in business, but are not sure exactly what kind of jobs they want. When you think of a business career, you probably think about chasing profits for big corporations. Some business jobs are centered around achieving this goal, but there are other jobs related to business that are not strictly about corporate gains. Keep reading to learn more about two alternative businesses disciplines that you may be interested in pursuing.

Healthcare Management

When you earn a traditional business degree, you learn how to oversee large organizations, how to develop and implement plans for systemic shifts, and how to manage both people and finances. This skill set is vital when it comes to running a business, but other organizations must also be led with the same competencies in order to thrive. The field of health care management is dedicated to the organization of hospitals and other health care systems. Some people become hospital administrators after years of practicing medicine, but others enter the field from business backgrounds.

An MBA in health care management imparts education and training specifically suited to running a hospital effectively. Different programs tend to differ in their approaches, so it is important to do your research. For example, George Washington University’s website offers ample information to help you learn more about their online MBA in health care management. During your studies, you will cover topics such as how to manage personnel, how to safeguard patient welfare, and the differences between running non-profit and for-profit hospitals. Once you have completed your program, you will be prepared to enter the healthcare industry with confidence.

Sustainability Management

Sustainability issues continue to rise to the forefront of society’s concerns. Every day, more people recognize that in order for the earth to survive, individuals from all walks of life must learn to use resources more efficiently. Environmental issues are of special concern for businesses because businesses are responsible for creating a higher proportion of waste and pollution. By earning a degree such as NEC’s sustainability degree, you can make a career of helping businesses develop methods of efficiently managing their environmental resources.

Customers are increasingly concerned with the environmental responsibility of the companies they patronize. Businesses can address these concerns by implementing sustainable corporate practices and reporting their practices to the public. However, sustainability reporting tools are rather underdeveloped compared to other business reporting measures. One of the current objectives in the field of sustainability management is to improve these reporting tools to make them easier to use and more comprehensive in scope.

In addition to improving reporting methods, sustainability managers also develop protocols for improving any areas of weakness uncovered by their reports. These protocols may be employee-centric programs, such as company-wide recycling programs, or they may be systemic changes that target entire corporate models.

Beyond the Briefcase

Health care management and sustainability management are just two of many business concentrations that you may enjoy. By researching all of your job options, you may discover that your business career has the potential to be more fulfilling than you ever realized it could be.

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