The US Federal Budget – Midweek Infographic

The federal budget has been the topic of much debate in the last two years. Fiscal Conservatives want to cut everything while politicians on the left want to borrow more and spend more. It’s hard to determine what the budget is composed of simply listening to the media. One media outlet claims that a very important funding program will be cut while another says that’s not true at all. Politicians are difficult to believe, no matter which party they belong too.

What is mandatory spending? What is discretionary? Today’s infographic explains the federal budget in a manner that’s easy to interpret and understand. Maybe it will help us discover what the government spends money on and we’ll be able to make a more informed decision in November.

Federal Budget

Federal Budget Infographic

Health Care

I don’t think it’s any surprise that health care spending comes in at number one. Health care spending used to be behind Social Security, but that has changed as baby boomers begin to utilize programs like medicare. The rapid increase in this category will definitely continue for many years to come.

Social Security

The growth rate of Social Security from 1991 to 2011 has been relatively low compared to other areas of spending. At first this surprised me, but it actually puts the growth of health care spending into perspective.

Other Programs

Down at the bottom, you’ll see that spending on other programs actually decreased. I’m not sure what programs this consists of, but it’s shocking to see any government spending decline.

READERS:  What do you think about the growth rate of the top three categories? Will this infographic help you make a more informed decision come November?


  1. Thanks for the infographic. That made it so much easier to understand! I had always thought military/veteran spending would be way higher. I knew healthcare would be high but was shocked at how much higher it is. If social security is so low then shouldn’t it be easier to maintain it beyond 2020+?

    • It’s amazing how an infographic can make things so simple. I think the government purposefully makes things more convoluted as well.

      Social security is low, but so is the amount that people con contribute. The contributions don’t scale well with incomes. The government also borrows against SS to pay others that need it – sort of like a Ponzi scheme.

  2. I think they should focus on Education and Healthcare. Create some new jobs.

    • The creation of jobs is the number one way to stimulate an economy. However, I think we need to concentrate on private sector jobs and not the temporary public sector positions.

  3. Is it too late to change all the attack adds to “FDR and LBJ have run up the federal deficit?”

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