What is a Negative Interest Rate?

What is a negative interest rate and how do they work? A negative interest rate is an unusual and extraordinary monetary policy whereby a central bank or private banks charge a negative rate. The result is that you will be charged a fee to hold money in the bank. So, why do this? The main […]

Financial Moves to Make in a Low Interest Rate Environment

As a bit of a follow up to my article on retirement and low interest rates, I’m going to discuss a few smart money moves to make in a low interest rate environment.  We’ll call these short to mid-range time horizon moves since we are playing on rates.  Rates can and do change, but it […]

How Low Interest Rates Can Affect Retirement

Have recent interest rate cuts impacted retirement?  The short answer is yes.  Things can get complicated, but low interest rates do have long-term effects on the economy and could alter your retirement planning. Retirement Income One of the most obvious short-term effects to lower interest rates is a decrease in income generated from CD’s and […]