How to Recruit for Executive Positions

hiring for executive positionsRecruiting is always an important process, as the right new hire could be with your business for years: if they contribute the value and expertise you need, this new hire could weaken your business considerably. On the other hand, the right hire can contribute a value well beyond what the bald facts of their CV suggest. This effect is magnified the further you look up a company’s hierarchy: the potential influence of someone at a senior executive level means they affect the entire company’s productivity. This makes it worth putting in time and effort to find exactly the right candidate for your needs: this investment could be repaid many times over.

With Board positions, it’s especially worthwhile to fit the hire to your business: look at what the business aims to achieve in the long term, both in terms of any defined business plan you might have for the next year or five or ten, and any looser aspirations you have for the business in the deeper future.

If you’re looking to expand your business, for example, you’re going to want your board filled with expertise in bringing in new opportunities and revenue. You can compare your candidates with the performance of the businesses they’ve previously worked in, and find people who have previously made strong contributions to expanding businesses.

Something that can help here is using specialised recruiters. For this level of highly experienced staff, you will need to step beyond the high street level of recruiting firm, and look to smaller companies that have closer knit networks of candidates experienced at a high level. Savannah Recruitment, for example, are a firm that operate at this high end of recruiting.

At this level, working with a recruiter is more of a partnership than you may previously have experienced. For example, consulting with Karin Warwick-Thompson will not be a passive process where you give a brief and await candidates, but an active one: she can use her previous experience to help you refine the sort of candidate you’re looking for, and will have an existing network of talent she can tap into for candidates.

Using expert help like this is really the best option when you’re trying to fill an influential role in your company. It might make the hire a little more expensive for you, but being able to tap into a curated network of experienced candidates will repay the investment.

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