Random July Thoughts

We've been spending a lot time at our cabin in the woods this summer

spending time in the mountains

Some random July thoughts to close out the month.

It’s hard to believe that I am staring at August. This summer and this year are flying by. Despite that, I have managed to accomplish a lot so far this year.

The Cabin

Looking back at the work we have done on our cabin definitely gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment. We’ve installed all new ceilings. We’ve painted all the rooms. New light fixtures and switches have been installed. A new shelf has gone in the kitchen. A leak in the chimney is repaired. All of the windows and doors have received a fresh coat of paint. And, more work is being planned for the rest of the year.


At home I’ve done some landscaping and tree trimming. The driveway is getting sealed at the end of the summer. And, I have some plans to install a wood burner in our living room. We also have an impressive garden that is really starting to produce.


Financially speaking things are good. Debt continues to draw down and assets continue to grow. The pandemic has taken its toll on us all, but I’ve made the most of it. Having the cabin is a huge help. We can get away to the mountains to work and improve our place. It’s been the perfect place to socially distance.

Speaking of finances, I’ve been spending a lot of time listening to Dave Ramsey lately. His advice is simplistic, but I do enjoy it from time to time. You can check his work out here.


We’ve lost some key people at work recently, so it has been stressful there trying to fill in for others. I have been thinking about a career change a lot lately. I’ve been there just shy of 20 years, and I think it may be time to think about a change. These are just thoughts at this stage. I haven’t applied for anything or gone on any interviews to date. But it is definitely something that I’m thinking about.

Side Hustle

My side job will be picking back up again next week after being off for a couple weeks. So, I’ll be receiving some extra cash in the near future. So far, it’s been enjoyable. It’s only a few hours one or two evenings a week, so it doesn’t cut into my schedule all that much.

In Closing

That’s about all of the random July thoughts that I have right now. Sometimes it’s good to just get out some random thoughts on what I have going on in my life. I hope that everyone is staying safe and continuing to work towards their financial goals. I’ll be talking to everyone in August. Take care until then.

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