Quitting Your Job [Infographic]: Is It Really The Way To Your Dreams?

Are you bored of your job? People all over the blog-o-sphere may be telling you to QUIT and pursue your dreams. Is that the best course of action? Maybe. But maybe not. Take a look at this week’s infographic to get an idea if that is the wisest thing to do.

There is always an opportunity cost to any decision you make. In the case of quitting your job, the cost is your entire salary and benefits package. The opportunity is more life, more fun, and hopefully more money. It might be easier than it seems though.

Is “quitting” really the route to fulfilling your dreams? It is possible that you could discover your passion to find out it’s in an industry that doesn’t provide much of a living. Or that industry has intense competition. If you leave your job to pursue your dreams, plan on spending an enormous amount of time growing your business.

Starting A Business Infographic


[Featured image courtesy of http://dribbble.com/hucklebuck]


  1. Great little infographic. I think the key to a side-hustle is sticking with it for the long run. You’ve got to continually provide excellent customer service. It’s not for everyone – only if you’re committed enough 😉

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