New Home Tips: How to Decorate Your Home Without Spending Money

Thinking about buying a new house? Start saving your pennies now, because it’s going to cost you.

The average American spends right around $280,000 purchasing a new home. And it doesn’t end there. Once they move into the home, they also spend about $10,000 outfitting it with new furniture and making minor changes throughout it.

If you can afford to spend that kind of money after plopping down a big pile of cash for a home, you’re welcome to do it. But if not, it’s important to learn how to decorate a home without spending money.

It can be done, and it’ll save you a small fortune. Check out some of the ways you can make your new home look nice for (almost!) free.

Furnish Your Home with Your Old Furniture

When people are preparing to move from one home to another, they often feel like they have to run out and buy a bunch of furniture for it. They see more space in their new homes and don’t think their old furniture will fit nicely inside of it.

This might turn out to be true. But rather than running out and spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on new furniture right away, stick with your old stuff for a little while.

By using your old furniture for at least a year, you’ll get a better feel for what works and what doesn’t. You might even find that you like the way your old furniture looks and feels in your new home more than you thought you would.

Try Creating a Piece of Furniture Yourself

How handy are you?

If your “tools” consist of a single hammer, a couple of screwdrivers, and a pair of pliers that were left behind by the previous owner of your new house, building furniture is probably not for you.

But if you enjoy working with your hands and building things, why not create a piece of furniture for your home yourself?

You can put together:

  • A coffee table
  • An end table
  • A desk
  • A small kitchen table
  • An entertainment center

By making furniture yourself, you can put your own stamp on your new home. And best of all, it’ll cost next to nothing to do it.

Find Paint to Put on the Walls

Do you hate some of the paint colors located throughout your new home? Do something about it so that the paint doesn’t continue to drag your interior design down.

There is a chance the previous homeowner may have left some paint behind in the basement if you have one. Take a look down there to see if the paint is still good and if it features colors you like.

If there isn’t any paint around or if you suspect it might not be enough to paint all the walls in your home, this is one of the areas where it makes sense to spend a little money. Just make sure you look for paint on sale and do the painting yourself as opposed to paying someone to come and do it for you.

You’ll be amazed by how much of a difference a coat of paint can make.

Make Your Own Window Treatments

You might be surprised by how much it costs to put up window treatments over the windows in a home. People spend more than $500 on average to hang window treatments.

You can save yourself a lot of money on window treatments by making them yourself. All you’ll need is some fabric, a sewing machine, and enough determination to make the window treatments you’ll need to cover every window in your home.

It’ll take you some time to work your way through each individual window treatment. But it’ll be well worth it in the end when you save hundreds of dollars by creating them from scratch.

Create Fun Wall Art by Upcycling

Do you have a bunch of clutter in your old home that you’re going to throw out before moving? Save it and upcycle it in your new home instead!

Upcycling is great for the environment because it keeps things out of landfills. But it’s also great for those interested in learning how to decorate a home without spending money.

You can use things like old silverware, bicycle parts, and doorknobs to create fun wall art for your home. They’ll make your interior design unique and help you do your part to save the planet.

Frame Photos of Your Family to Hang

Thanks to advancements in technology, it’s never been easier for families to take photos and hang them up in their homes.

Hiring a professional photographer to take your picture will cost a pretty penny. But if you have a camera, you can usually take some photos of your family yourself and then have them printed so that they’re large enough to hang in your home.

Your home will feel a lot more personal to you and your family when you put these photos into place.

Add Decorations to Your Home Over Time

After moving into a new home, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and try to decorate everything at once. Some people don’t feel settled until they have their new houses completely situated.

It’s natural to feel this way, but you shouldn’t go too overboard. You’re likely going to be living in your new home for years to come. So take your time and add decorations to it over the years as your finances allow.

Know How to Decorate a Home Without Spending Money

Moving into a new home is expensive enough. Don’t make it more expensive than it has to be by breaking the bank on decorating the home.

By learning how to decorate a home without spending money, you can make your new home look nice without adding to your expenses. You can also put your own touch on it by coming up with creative ways to decorate.

Read our blog to find out why now is a great time to buy a home even if you can’t afford to decorate it the way you want immediately.

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