Making The Big Bucks: How to Revise Your Real Estate Marketing Plan To Include Digital Growth

Statistics show that Google searches related to real estate grew by 253% from 2008 to 2012. This indicates that more buyers are interacting with real estate agents at the click of a button. So, if you aren’t online, you’re missing out big time.

Real estate marketing is all about securing seller and buyer leads and promoting your brand by building your website content, advertising your agency, and sharing your listings on social media.

The real estate market goes through ups and downs due to job growth, economic conditions, and interest rates.

Regardless of the market changes, both experts and novice business owners can apply different strategies to push their business forward.

Are you interested in implementing online marketing into your real estate business? Here’s where to start when revising your real estate marketing plan.

Create A Website

Today, many consumers like to do a lot of legwork online. So, regardless of the market, you have to create a presence on the internet by creating a website.

You should also not forget to have dedicated social media accounts like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

The social mediums are not only inexpensive, but they can market your business on search engines like Bing and Google by paying ad campaigns.

It’s vital that your website is mobile friendly and adjusts to fit the user’s screen. This ensures a good user experience. If you’re having difficulty navigating, so are your clients.

If your website has slow loading speeds, clients will spend less time on it. Take advantage of Google’s PageSpeed Insight tool and discover how long your page takes to load.

What’s more, MLS coverage can deliver new listing to your IDX search page. So your website visitors and clients will always receive up to date images and listing.

Hire A Professional Photographer

Most successful real estate business relies on great photography. No one will be interested in a website with bad photos of properties.

That’s why you’ve got to hire a professional photographer (especially those with experience photographing architecture and homes). If you’re confident in your abilities and have sophisticated equipment, have a go at it.

However, you should know that this is one of the scenarios where you’ve got to seek professional help.

Create A Google My Business Page

Google my business page is the latest trend in Google location-based pages. It’s the same idea as Google+ Pages and Google Places for businesses. By setting up a Google My Business Account, it’s easier for users to find you in Google+, Google Maps, and Google Search.

Have Consistent Information

Consistency is vital when it comes to business information online. If you’ve got conflicting information on your website, it may create mistrust and miscommunication among consumers.

If you want to keep your information consistent add a picture of yourself, and your brick and mortar store on your Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Google My Business Account.

Conduct an online search to ensure that the information provided on all the sites are consistent. This not only builds trust, but clients can reach you easily.

Your potential clients will begin by searching for your business or name before choosing you. So, you’ve got to check whether the online reviews are positive. If not, respond to the negative reviews that may exist.

Budget For Marketing Expenses

When expanding your real estate business, it’s vital that you create a marketing budget and stick to it. There are different avenues to spend your marketing dollars, including postal marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and real estate websites.

It’s essential that your spending is based on your target audience. For instance, customers in Chicago may require internet based marketing, while clients in rural areas may need a different approach.

Respond Quickly

We live in a world that’s moving at a fast pace than before. So, if you don’t respond to your customer’s queries, you risk losing new business. It’s crucial that you have access to your email via a smartphone as this allows you to respond to requests conveniently.

You don’t have to wait for more than a day to respond to customer queries. If you’re prompt in your response, it adds to your reputation and credibility.

Plan For Your Success

Whether you’re a real estate developer or real estate agent, you need to have a real estate development business plan.

This is important because it helps you plan your contingencies, expenses, and other risks. You’re bound to fail if you work in a vacuum without such planning.

Publish A Real Estate Newsletter

If you’re looking at long term success, you’ve got to consider publishing a monthly or weekly newsletter with updates on health checks on the local market, how to develop real estate investment portfolio, benefits of home ownership, changes in real estate laws, changes in current mortgage rates and so on.

Your current and prospective clients will appreciate insights from such a newsletter because it shows your commitment and knowledge to the business.

Identify Your Target Market

Identifying your target audience is one of the best strategies to use if you want to become a real estate agent. Many real estate businesses and brokers focus on one niche and become an expert in that market.

This way, you have a good idea on what’s driving the target market, the risks involved as well as where the market is headed in the short and long term.

Learn To Create A Successful Real Estate Marketing Plan!

When implementing a real estate marketing plan, the first step is to have a presence online. This means having a website that is responsive and mobile friendly.

Photography sells and it’s essential not to overlook the importance of high-quality photos and this means hiring a professional photographer.

If you have to attract potential clients, your business should be visible on Google searches. The best way to accomplish this is by creating a Google location-based page like a Google My Business page.

Customers want to interact with you at a more personal level, so you should have the right contact information and always respond to your reviews.

Have you finally decided that it’s time to launch your real estate website? Get started today and don’t forget to read through our blog for other helpful tips for your business.

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