Key Areas of Business Where You Should Be Using Technology to Save Time and Money

ncrease productivity for you and your team

No matter whether you’re working as a solopreneur, a freelancer, contractor, small-business owner, or the leader of a huge corporation, you probably find that you never have enough hours in the day to finish all the tasks on your to-do list, let alone get some R&R time for yourself. As well, you’re probably always on the lookout for ways to increase productivity for yourself and/or your team.

This is where utilizing technology comes in. While most entrepreneurs already use certain tech tools as a matter of course during the day, there are likely to be many more products and systems you could be taking advantage of to save you and your team time and money. Read on for some key ways that you can introduce the benefits of technology into your business life today.


Most entrepreneurs complain about the pile of paperwork they have to deal with every week that takes up a huge amount of valuable time. Helpfully, advances in technology and the creation of top software means that you can get a lot of your most time-consuming and repetitive tasks handled for you, or at least sorted out much more quickly, these days.

As an example, check out an app called Amy, by creator, that uses artificial intelligence capabilities to simplify scheduling. A smart personal-assistant system, Amy is designed to handle the often lengthy back-and-forth involved in meeting requests. The software can respond to and schedule emails to organize a time and place for a meeting that suits all parties involved. Once you sign up to the tech (no password, log-in, or download is even required, it’s so simple), you only need to CC the system in to your initial meeting request message, and then leave it to handle the rest.

Big Data

If you work with data a lot, or want to start utilizing the availability of big data to streamline operations and achieve better results, technology can also make your job easier. The application DataRPM, for instance, is perfect for analyzing large amounts of information and then making predictions.

It can help you to save time and money when it comes to things like optimizing inventory; boosting the efficiency of machines; cutting back on labor overheads and other operational costs; predicting asset failures; and predicting likely customer conversion rates and churn levels.

In addition, if you’re sick of spending hours every month on document creation, then check out the Quill app by Narrative Science. It makes life easier by taking a variety of specific information sets that you want to include in a financial report, research dossier, or other document, and then weaving them together automatically for you.


For businesses that revolve around client bookings, time and energy can also be saved by using technology designed to take the hassle, and potential errors, out of setting appointments. As an example, think of a hair or beauty salon that has to juggle client bookings every single day, and the need to optimize appointments in order to boost revenue and increase customer retention and referrals.

Rather than having a simple diary or scribbling notes about bookings on scrap pieces of paper (something that often leads to missed appointments or double bookings), salon workers can instead use professional salon appointment books which are operated digitally.

Software designed specifically for this type of business makes scheduling simple and more efficient, and reduces the risk of over or under booking. It can give you a quick list of clients you need to confirm appointments with during your quieter times of day, and send automatic reminders to people via text or email too — a huge time saver. In addition, you can keep your regular customers happy, and boost sales, by scheduling in recurring appointments automatically. A lot of salon-management software products also feature things like loyalty programs, point-of-sale capabilities, and more.


Finding and hiring new staff members can be a very lengthy process. However, technology can help in this regard too. As an example, when you get inundated with applications for an advertised role, it can be daunting thinking about the amount of time you’ll need to spend going through every resume. Thankfully, these days there is recruitment software that can do the job for you.

Utilize these products and you can input a list of criteria that you’re looking for in an ideal candidate, and then have the software scan through all of the applications to find the best fits. From there, it will provide you with a shortlist of candidates. Programs can examine lots of different aspects of an applicant’s information, including their location, training, education, computer skills, and more. You can also enter specific keywords.

This is just a short sample of some of the many business-related tasks that can be made easier through the use of technology in this day and age. If you want you and your team to be more productive and less stressed, it pays to search out programs you can use in every area.

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