Here’s How a Motivational Speaker Can Inspire Your Employees

A motivational speaker can inspire your employees

It’s not easy to keep employees creative and inspired. As a matter of fact, employee disengagement is rampant, with polls showing that 60 to 70 percent of American employees are disengaged at their jobs. Gallup estimates that workplace disengagement costs American companies over $450 billion a year.

There’s no simple solution to this problem, but a motivational speaker can help. When things start to feel stagnant at your company, a motivational speaker can shake things up, reengaging workers, inspiring them to think creatively, and even creating new leaders within the company. Increasing profitability isn’t just about improving the bottom line; it’s about touching the lives of your employees to help them find meaning in their work and reach their true potential.

Find Inspiration From the Success of Others

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a motivational speaker for your next conference, corporate event, or seminar is the ability to find inspiration in the speaker’s firsthand stories of success, often against long odds. Leadership speakers know what it means to feel stuck at work and in life; but they also know how to make real changes to combat that feeling. A motivational speaker can bring your employees the advice, inspiration, and positive energy they need to break out of a rut and enjoy increased productivity and enhanced performance.

Everyone needs a little inspiration now and then, and hearing how an admirable figure overcame his or her difficulties to succeed can give your workforce the infusion of determination and perseverance it needs to get past the doldrums of disengagement. Hire a speakers bureau to find just the right leadership speaker for your specific business’s needs.

Get Everyone on the Same Page

Employee dissatisfaction and disengagement often grows from misunderstandings of company policy, or miscommunication with higher-ups. When a company isn’t consistent in its messages to its employees, they can easily feel stifled, confused, or threatened, and that can lead to the stagnation of productivity.

It’s hard for your company to reach its goals when everyone isn’t working toward the same things. A speaker can help get everyone in the company on the same page so that goals can be met more easily. Once you’ve identified your company’s goals and established a path towards those goals, hire a business motivational speaker who aligns with those goals to inspire unity and cohesion among your workforce. Look for a speaker who can offer advice for collaboration, growth, and improvement among your workers.

Work Better Together

A team that works well together is one that makes progress toward the company’s goals more quickly. However, most teams won’t work efficiently or smoothly if each team member can’t see what he or she is contributing to the overall objective. An effective leadership speaker can use emotional appeals to foster a renewed sense of enthusiasm and commitment among team members, so that they’re more emotionally invested in achieving a common goal.

Foster Employees’ True Potential

A skilled motivational speaker has the power to impart a joyful sense of engagement and personal responsibility to the obligations of the workplace. The inspiration a motivational speaker brings can help your employees work harder and find a new sense of fulfillment in their work, helping them to again see their jobs as meaningful and their tasks as important to a communal objective. The right speaker can uncover the best in each of your employees, for a newly invigorated workforce.

Make Change Exciting, Not Scary

If your company is facing changes, employees are probably struggling with a great deal of uncertainty about what these changes mean. While that’s understandable, it can affect morale, and harm productivity. A motivational speaker can help your employees face change bravely, seeing it for its potential positives rather than its potential negatives.

Employees and even company leaders may have another reason to resist change — they’re used to the way things are, they like things the way they are, and they’d rather remain in their comfortable, habitual routines. A strong, inspirational speaker can help leadership and employees alike understand the benefits that change can bring to all involved.

If your company is struggling with poor employee engagement, facing changes, or dealing with other challenges, don’t discount the potential of a motivational speaker to shake things up and inject your company culture with a renewed sense of optimism, enthusiasm, commitment, and joy. When you choose the right motivational speaker for your corporate event, you’ll be rewarded with increased productivity, a happier workforce, and a stronger bottom line.

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  1. That’s really cool that motivational speakers can renew employees’ enthusiasm and commitment to the team. Sometimes it is hard to stay invested in something if you’ve been doing something for a long time. It seems like getting a good motivational speaker would really help a company be able to help their employees.

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