Fredo Santana Net Worth 2017

Who is Fredo Santana?

Fredo Santana is an America rapper and producer born on July 3, 1990 in Chicago, Illinois. His birth name is Derrick Coleman, but he made the decision to change his name most likely related to his career choice.

Fredo has featured several mixtapes and albums including Walking Legend, It’s a Scary Site, Trapping Ain’t Dead, Street Shit, and Fredo Kruger. Some of his hit songs include Bird talk, I Need More, Jealous, and It’s Only Right. Fredo’s mixtapes have featured appearances by famous wrapper Soulja Boy, which helped his musical career a great deal.

An interesting fact about Fredo Santana is that he is cousins with Chief Keef, another successful and famous rapper / producer. I guess the lyrical talent runs in the family!

Fredo, like many rappers, did not take the normal route through high school, college, and beyond, and in fact was quite the troublemaker during middle school and high school. At the tender age of 14, he was charged with beating up his teacher, and had already been arrested at the age of 12.

Fredo Santana Net Worth 2017: Ah the moment we have all been waiting for:

Fredo Santana has a net worth of $5mm as of 2017.

Most of his cash flow comes from his concerts, online earnings from his mix tape relationships and general record sales. Keep grinding Fredo!!


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