Financial Calculators Can Now Be Found Here

financial calculatorsMy objective when launching this site was to create a valuable resource for people in need of financial information. One goal in particular was to launch several, easy to use calculators to help people make tough economic decisions. Today, I’m happy to say that the calculator portion of the site is up and fully functional.

You can find access to all of the calculators in the menu just below the logo.

The calculator engines are continuously hosted and maintained, so you do not have to worry about updating them to account for current tax law, rate changes and Social Security updates. It’s all done for you!

The calculators I’ve launched so far are:

  • Auto
    • Payments
    • Loan vs 0% Dealer Financing
    • Accelerated Payoff
  • Cash Flow
    • How Long Will Your Money Last
    • Compare Purchasing Power
    • Pay Down Debt or Invest
  • College
    • Student Loan Payback
    • College Education Value
    • 529 Plan Advantages
    • Coverdell ESA Advantages
  • Credit Cards and Loans
    • Credit Card Payoff Time
    • Extra Payment Impact
    • Loan Payoff Amount
    • Loan Payoff Time
  • Home and Mortgage
    • Bi-Weekly Payments
    • Comprehensive Mortgage
    • Tax Savings
    • Traditional vs Interest-Only Mortgage
  • Insurance
    • Life Expectancy
    • Annuity Advantages
    • Life Insurance Proceeds Duration
  • Investment
    • Bond Value
    • Call/Put Option Value
    • CD Analyzer
    • Compound Interest Value
    • Mutual Fund Expenses
    • Stock Dividend Yield
  • Paycheck and Benefits
    • Convert Hourly Wage to Salary
  • Retirement
    • Social Security Estimator
    • Inflation Impact on Retirement
  • Savings
    • Becoming a Millionaire
    • Save to Reach Your Goal
    • Savings Growth
    • Time to Double Your Money
  • Taxes
    • Income Tax Estimator
    • Self-Employment Tax
    • Tax-Equivalent Yield
    • Tax Refund Estimator

Personally, I hate searching the entire web just to locate one calculator. Now, many of them can be found in one central place. I hope you find the calculators as beneficial as I do.


  1. Great idea, JW! I sometimes like to check in and see exactly what I owe and how long it will take me to pay things off, etc. It helps motivate me.

    • Thanks Michelle. I agree – the motivational factor is great. If I don’t have actually numbers in front of me, I don’t feel like I see the entire picture. Many financial decisions can be much better made with the help of a formula.

  2. Nathan Duke says

    Been playing around with the calculators for about 30 minutes; good addition to the site.

    • I’m glad the calculators have been useful to you Nathan. I have most of the basics covered, but I’d like to add some more complex formulas soon.

  3. Great idea. It will always be a great resource and service to your existing and new readers. For example, I keep one phone handy simply because I love the financial calculators on it.

    • That’s exactly what I was going for Roshawn. I want to provide very relevant information as well as useful tools. I’m an Excel junkie, but I get frustrated using the mobile version. I hope the calculators I’ve added will provide a better mobile alternative.

  4. This is awesome! Definitely got your calculators bookmarked! I can’t count how many times I’ve googled online financial calculators and had to sometimes sift through a couple sites before finding what I needed. You got everyone I ever use on your list. Great job putting this together!

    • That’s exactly what I wanted to hear John. Let me know if you come across any that I missed and you feel could be beneficial.

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