What Are the Various Colors of Diamonds?

Many people fail to recognize that diamonds actually come in multiple colors. Some people think that one diamond is going to be exactly the same as the rest of the other diamonds in the world. But if you take a look at them closely you’ll see that there are subtle differences in some cases and major differences in other situations.

To get a better grasp of the various colors of diamonds and these differences that we’ve been talking about, some brilliant people put together a diamond color scale. We will discuss the color scale with you below in greater detail and you can use this information to help buy your diamond the next time you plan to purchase one or more.

Colorless Diamonds: Grade Scale D through F

If an expert were to tell you a particular diamond is colorless, in reality they are telling you that you have an incredibly rare gemstone on your hands. Colorless diamonds are the most expensive out of every option currently available today. So you certainly want to own a colorless diamond if possible, just know that you will end up paying a lot of money to own a stone of this quality and caliber. They do not come cheaply by any means.

Near Colorless Diamonds: Grade Scale G through J

When shopping around and looking for diamonds of this quality, you’re going to love near colorless diamonds because they are practically flawless but they are much less expensive than their colorless counterparts. So if you’re looking to spend a pretty penny on a nice diamond but do not want to pay top dollar, this grade scale is your best bet because the diamonds are practically colorless yet a lot cheaper and easier to afford.

Faint Color Diamonds: Grade Scale K through M

For those diamond shoppers looking to buy something faint in color but do not need an absolutely clear and 100% flawless diamond, this is definitely going to be the right option for you. Faint color diamonds do contain small amounts of color but it’s typically not visible unless you can look at the diamond under some type of magnification.

Truth be told, most people prefer to buy diamonds graded K, L, and M. They are much cheaper yet still look crystal clear to the average person and look completely colorless as well, which makes them the ideal choice economically speaking.

Very Light Color Diamonds: Grade Scale N through R

You should know that most people prefer to avoid buying diamonds that fall under this particular grade scale. The colors are very noticeable, even to the naked eye, which makes them a major turnoff to most people looking to buy diamonds. They are cheap though, so that’s something to consider.

Light Color Diamonds: Grade Scale S through Z

It may seem hard to believe, but these low-cost, brightly colored diamonds are popular among certain circles. If you don’t mind having a diamond that has color in it, then these grade scales are great choices since they are really cheap and most people do not want to buy them.

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