Why You Should Buy a Dash Cam For Your Car

dash cam
Cameras are being used everywhere. Whether they are being used for surveillance or taking a selfie, cameras are on you (and everyone else) all day long. Now many people are using cameras and surveillance equipment to protect themselves out in the world. Some people have even purchased dash cams for their cars.

While it may seem a little paranoid, having cameras and surveillance can save you a lot of trouble (and in some cases a lot of money). Should you think about getting dash cam?

What is a Dash Cam?

A dash cam is a camera that was originally installed in police cruisers for surveillance of traffic stops. The camera is placed on the dash (hence the name) and usually appears to be nothing more than a black box. They are fairly easy to install and can really come in handy.

As previously stated the dash cams were initially installed in police cars. This was used to see if proper protocol was carried out by policemen as well as monitor the actions of the alleged criminal. A dash cam can prove to be beneficial for people outside of law enforcement too though.

The Perks of Having a Dash Cam

Let’s say you are driving one day and get into an accident that is the other party’s fault completely? If you’re in a part of the road that has no surveillance and no one else is around there is a chance you may have to pay for the damage even though it wasn’t your fault.

Similar stories have been told where someone with a dash cam was being falsely accused of causing an accident but the dash cam provides evidence otherwise. Dash cams have proven helpful in other situations too (third party witness to an accident, hit and run, etc).

Accidents aren’t the only perk of having a dash cam though. Many people wonder whether a dash cam can help with your car insurance or not. Some insurance companies do offer discounts for additional safety features (like a dash cam). Each individual insurance company is different regarding price and policy though so you’ll want to check with your personal insurance provider.

The Cons of Having a Dash Cam

Dash cams aren’t all great though. There are plenty of perks but dash cams can cause problems and it can even put the blame on you. For instance, if you need the footage reviewed to prove a case for yourself there may be footage of you breaking the law as well (speeding, rolling stops, etc). This could negatively affect you. Similarly, if your insurance company does offer you a discount because of your dash cam and then see that you are speeding, etc. it could increase your car insurance premiums.

Don’t forget the dash cam can also provide evidence that you are at fault for an accident (even if you thought you weren’t). This can be viewed as a huge downside for some people. What do you think? Are dash cams a good addition to your car?

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