Spring 2021 Update

It is April, and Spring is here. The weather is warming up, the grass is growing, and projects are starting to pile up around the house. My portfolio is currently enjoying an all time high, and we are continuing our search for a rental property. I have been keeping busy with both home and the […]

4 Interesting Ways Of Making Cash Quickly

Many get-rich-quick, money-making ideas keep popping up now and then, such as selling some of your collections online or playing online poker. Are these programs effective? Not really. Are you going to make money doing this? The answer is vague. You’ll probably make more money if you work a nine-to-five. At least, you have a […]

The Risks of Listening to TikTok Personal Financial Advice

What are the risks of listening to TikTok personal financial advice? Well, there are too many to list in this short article, but we’ll dive in and look at a few. A New Medium for the Same Old Bad Information Bad Financial advice has been around for as long as money has existed. TikTok just […]

Getting Divorced? Make Sure Hidden Assets Don’t Derail Your Finances

Despite the fact that 42% to 45% of first marriages now end in divorce, most people don’t begin their legal partnership with the inkling that their happiness might not last forever. Still, marriages end for all sorts of reasons — and money is one of the most common. Even if you never disagreed on finances […]

My Portfolio During the Pandemic

I wanted to take a look at my portfolio over the course of the pandemic and the market crash that resulted because of it. It has been a rollercoaster for sure. Here is a brief history of the past year or so. My Portfolio I started investing around 2003. I was out of college for […]

Personal Financial Update, February 2021

A personal financial update for February 2021. It’s been a while since I posted what’s going on with me, so here we go. Debt I’m still debt free and plan on staying that way for the rest of my life. Currently my only debt is my mortgage. I’ve been looking into doing a refinance on […]

Common Asset Allocation Rules of Thumb

If you have investments, then there are a few common asset allocation rules of thumb that you can follow to help you better manage your portfolio. These basic rules of thumb can help you to both grow and preserve your nest egg. Risk Tolerance A common asset allocation rule of thumb is the rule of […]

DIY Bathroom Remodel

We are in the middle of remodeling the bathroom at our cabin. As of the writing of this posting the project is around 75% complete. I still have more work to do, but things are starting to come together. Here is a brief overview of the progress so far. Costs The average bathroom remodel as […]

Questions to Ask Before Getting a Title Loan

Car title loans have quickly overtaken bank loans as the go-to source for quick emergency cash, mostly because these loans don’t require a rigorous credit score check. But making such a big financial decision comes with some risks. Despite the simple loan application procedure, there are numerous questions you should ask before before getting a […]

Eating Out Versus Cooking at Home

It is common sense that cooking your own food will save you money.  But how much can you save? And, what about some of the other benefits of cooking for yourself?  Can a case be made for eating out? I’m going to look at some of the details of eating out versus cooking at home. […]