DIY Bathroom Remodel

We are in the middle of remodeling the bathroom at our cabin. As of the writing of this posting the project is around 75% complete. I still have more work to do, but things are starting to come together. Here is a brief overview of the progress so far. Costs The average bathroom remodel as […]

Questions to Ask Before Getting a Title Loan

Car title loans have quickly overtaken bank loans as the go-to source for quick emergency cash, mostly because these loans don’t require a rigorous credit score check. But making such a big financial decision comes with some risks. Despite the simple loan application procedure, there are numerous questions you should ask before before getting a […]

Eating Out Versus Cooking at Home

It is common sense that cooking your own food will save you money.  But how much can you save? And, what about some of the other benefits of cooking for yourself?  Can a case be made for eating out? I’m going to look at some of the details of eating out versus cooking at home. […]

Average Net Worth by Age

What is the average net worth by age? How does yours compare to others in your age group? What can you take away from these numbers? Tracking your net worth can help keep your personal finances in check since it measures your overall portfolio value and not simply your income. You could have a high […]

What are the Symptoms of Financial Anxiety?

What is financial anxiety? The medical community defines it as “a psychosocial syndrome whereby individuals have an uneasy and unhealthy attitude toward engaging with and administering their personal finances in an effective way.” What is the difference between normal money worries and financial anxiety? What are the common signs of anxiety? Let’s have a look. […]

Can You Get Cash Back on Personal Checks?

Can you get cash back on a personal check? This was once a fairly common practice, but it has fallen by the wayside with the more common use of debit cards. However, if you still desire to use a personal check for shopping, and you want cash back on it, then you can still do […]

The Problems That Come With Being a 30K Millionaire

I’ve recently been introduced to the concept of the 30K millionaire. Apparently, the concept has been around for several years, but I first heard of it about a month ago.  So, what exactly is a 30K millionaire?  I decided to do some research and share what I found with you. So, What Is a 30K […]

Alternative Heat Sources to Keep you Warm and Save You Money

Winter is in the air here in the Northeast, and it’s time to start thinking about heating the home for the upcoming season. There are many options to keep warm in winter. Obviously, there might be limits where you live and the type of primary furnace you have, but I’m going to run through the […]

What to Expect When Filing Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a reality for many Americans, with over 730,000 bankruptcies for individuals filed in 2018 for reasons ranging from job loss to medical emergency or the death of a loved one. The prospect of facing bankruptcy seems dire to many suffering from financial hardship, and rightfully so, but you don’t have to face it […]

Pandemic Job Loss? Here’s How to Make Money Quickly

In 2018, roughly 126.07 million people made up the U.S. civilian labor force. By 2020, however, millions of job layoffs have done a number on the American economy, thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But while you might not be alone in your professional setbacks, the matter may be rather serious. Even prior to our […]