Ways To Make More Money: Part Two

There are quite literally millions of (legal) ways to make money. Most people get a job and work at said job as their only income source never really doing much about ways to make more money. They want more money, but few people actually do something about this need/want/desire and become proactive about it. A […]

How to Make More Money: Side Hustle

Money is something that interests everyone. It is one topic that unites us all and most people in the world are interested in how to make more money. Some people dream about what they would do with more money while others, myself included, go out and do it. Why one chooses to make more money […]

Fear and Money

There’s no doubt that fear is a motivation in our financial decision making process. We fear running out of money and being unreliable for those we’re responsible for. This motivates us to prepare for the future. We fear making poor choices like investing in a stock that will tank, or putting hard earned cash into […]

How To Build a Budget That Works: Part One

If I’m being honest-and honesty is something I rely on blogging for-I didn’t have a budget most of my life. I had NO idea how to manage money. None. Zip. Zilch. I was totally clueless about money and what to do with it. Sure I knew people put money in savings accounts but growing up […]

How to Have Fun While in Debt

One of the toughest parts about getting out of debt is having to miss out on social events. Socializing can be very expensive depending on what you choose to do. My husband’s best friend is getting married next weekend. This past weekend was the bachelor party and a stark reminder about how expensive socializing can […]

How Much Should I Spend On A Wedding Gift?

I literally have no idea how much I should spend on a wedding gift. Is there a flow or comparison chart I can look at? Seriously, who evaluates this stuff? Is it based on my income level, or how much I love the couple? Figuring out how much I should spend on a wedding gift […]

Should I Buy A Used Or New Car? The Pros and Cons

Should I buy a used or new car? A whole lotta people are passionate about buying used. (Sorry this article doesn’t broach the subject of the upside or downside of leasing!) I’ve often heard, “Don’t buy a new car. As soon as you drive it off the lot it loses thousands in value!” …as if […]

Financial Mistakes: Observing Patterns From Family You Don’t Want To Repeat

A huge reason why I blog is to teach people about mistakes I made and lessons I learned from them. Though not everyone learns this way, I do well with learning from past mistakes, mine or others. With Father’s Day approaching, I thought I would share some financial mistakes my dad made and what I […]

How to Avoid Money Anxiety

Money anxiety is something that can affect anyone and can show itself in many different forms. The stresses of budgeting, debt, paying for a child’s post secondary or reaching financial goals can all cause money anxiety. How to Avoid Money Anxiety: Address the Stress The first step to decreasing or avoiding your money anxiety is […]

WordPress Basics: A Step by Step Guide to Setting up a WordPress Site for Your Business

This is a guest post. If interested in submitting a guest post please read our guest posting policy. Today’s economy is still in shambles, and this leads a lot of people to the Internet in hopes of building a web business. Still vibrant, the online market is vast, easy to tap into, and definitely strong enough […]