How is cooperative insurance different than commercial insurance

In our childhood days, maybe we often used to think that the most dangerous thing on earth was our father’s frowning face just before the mathematics exam day. But now we realize that it was all because of our own good – so that we lead a happy life ahead. As a responsible family member, […]

At What Age Should You Start Thinking About a Life Insurance Policy?

Far too many people think that they only need life insurance when they get married and have children. Between your student loans and all the other monthly expenses that add up, you might think that paying your rent is more important and that you can put off life insurance for a few years or more. […]

Confusing Insurance Could Be Damaging Lives

In the United States, healthcare costs have climbed in recent years to unprecedented rates. However, the cost alone isn’t the only problem medical patients in the United States are currently facing; the current healthcare system is leaving patients in debt, confused, and often untreated due to an inability to pay. While some patient demographics are […]

Could You Be Saving Money On Homeowners Insurance?

Insurance can be a frustrating expense as part of homeownership. You may often feel like you’re continually paying for a service, without necessarily reaping the benefits of it. Hopefully, you’ll never have to make a homeowners insurance claim; that being said, you still want the most coverage possible for the lowest payment. The more you […]

What Are Professionals Overlooking In Their Portfolio?

You probably have a 401k and some protection that is available to you through your employer. These are all great ways to get your feet wet in the financial planning world. Some who have done individual research might have even opened up an IRA or 529 plan on their own.

5 Ways to Save on Car Insurance

Cars, in general, eat up a good portion of your monthly budget. You have to pay for gas, maintenance and, of course, you have to pay for auto insurance. This helps you and other drivers ensure their property and their health while in your vehicles. For people with not-so-great credit or people considered to be […]

5 People Who SHOULD Use Permanent Life Insurance

I’m tired of people beating on permanent insurance. Last week yet another colleague of mine said, “I can’t think of a time when somebody should buy anything but term insurance.” I told him I could name five. He scoffed. I listed them off quickly to him, and today I’ll do the same for you. I […]

Annual Travel Insurance: What Travelers Need to Know Before That Next Big Trip

For people who travel, traveler’s insurance is a must. After all, there is no way of knowing when a flight will be delayed, a wallet will be lost, an accident will happen or a sickness will cancel a trip. For people who travel frequently, however, purchasing traveler’s insurance for every trip can become expensive in […]

Teaching an Uninsured Friend to Drive – Don’t Risk Your Car!

When I was in high school my 22-year-old brother was teaching his fiance how to drive. She was 19. It’s hard to imagine being 19 and still not having a license, but I forget that people do this all the time. My brother is an awesome guy, he’s now married to the woman and I […]

Should I cover my wedding rings under home insurance?

Here’s a story. My paternal grandfather was a gemologist. That’s a fancy word to say he was a specialist in precious stones and gems. He worked many years for a high-end Canadian jeweler and had a very successful career. It goes without saying, given my grandfathers position, that my grandmother had a lot of very […]