Beautiful Bargains: Buying Real Estate in Latin America

Buying Real Estate in Latin America
If you’re a real estate investor and you feel as though you have lost your footing in the U.S. market, you may want to consider Latin America. This is becoming the latest prime spot for real estate investors. Here are some tips for families who want to move to Latin America, but want to get a really good deal on real estate there.

  • Take a good look around: Start your research online so you can compare around ten different realtors. Pick an area you like and find out as much as you can about that location. Make sure you look at least fifty properties so you can get a good idea of land and property values.
  • Don’t forget the weather: When you’re looking for the right location, don’t forget that the climate in Central American countries changes rapidly between dry and rainy seasons. You should also get to know your neighbors. Plan a trip and spend a few days finding out what the property will be like throughout the year.
  • Be thorough: Bear in mind that just because a piece of land in Central America has a title, does not mean it’s safe to buy. Have a search done on the title and have the search verified by your attorney.
  • Take your time: Don’t rush things, give yourself plenty of time. This will increase your chances of negotiation. Also factor in extra time for travel and border crossings when you are traveling to the place where you wish to buy property.

Retiring in Costa Rica

If you are looking for somewhere to retire in Latin America, consider the beautiful Costa Rica. This lush country in Central America has coastlines on the Pacific and the Caribbean. Known for its protected jungle teeming with wildlife, golden beaches and rugged volcanoes, Costa Rica is a wonderful place to spend your golden years. Not only can you retire here affordably, you can live very well on relatively little money.

There are currently more than 20,000 American ex-pats living in Costa Rica, many of them moved there after retirement. Why did they choose Costa Rica? It’s because this beautiful country has one of the high standards of living in Latin America. You’ll have no problem finding things to you in your leisure time. There are plenty of galleries, theaters, restaurants, and of course loads of outdoor activities. You will also find excellent cell phone and Internet coverage.

Popular areas for retirees include the Central Valley of Costa Rica, which surrounds the capital San Jose, the Guanacaste province and the northwest Pacific coast, also known as the Gold Coast. There you can experience the diverse culture of Costa Rica while making friends with fellow ex-pats. You’ll soon feel right at home. Find out about moving your belongings to this beautiful country at Costa Rica Shipping.

Many people fantasize about moving to a tropical country and living their dream. You can make your dream reality by relocating to Latin America. Just remember to do all your research and find a place you will truly love.

Photo: Armando Maynez

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