A Look At Emergency Funds

Emergency funds are a well discussed topic in the work of personal finance. Before I started my own blog, I never really considered one. It was a total after thought. As an ”emergency” situation arose, we found a way to deal with it which usually involved rearranging bills in some way and always figuring it […]

Scoring Deals on Airfare

This week I’m on a family vacation. While we were fortunate to be able to drive to save money, we already know where the next reunion is since they are planned two years in advance. With the next destination, driving won’t be an option. Seeking out great airfare deals will be so important for us […]

Using An Online Coupon Site

Coupon sites are everywhere. What started as a small online niche has grown into a huge internet phenomenon. Through an online coupon site, you can do everything from save $1.00 off your favorite cereal to book a dream trip to Fiji. Sometimes it seems like the deal is too good to be true, but often […]

Planning the Perfect Staycation

As we discussed last week, summer can be expensive! A staycation is a perfect way to enjoy family time this summer while not breaking the bank. As defined by Wikipedia, a staycation is: A period in which an individual or family stays home and participates in leisure activities within driving distance, sleeping in their own beds […]

How to Plan a Last Minute Summer Vacation and Not Blow Your Budget

I don’t know about you, but for us summer gets expensive! Between summer vacations, family gatherings, weddings and kid involvements, our budget always seems to go bust in the summer. We’re like caged animals being let out. Cooped inside all winter and finally out socializing again can hurt the pocket-book. If you haven’t yet made any […]

How to Manage Debt in Your Marriage

Something I know a thing or two about is debt and marriage. I’ve been with my husband for 11 years, married four. In our relationship, there is no ‘’his’’ and ‘’mine’’ in terms of finances. For everything else, what’s mine is mine and what’s his is mine. I kid! We manage everything together. Given that […]

Finding Motivation For Debt Repayment

When one decides they want to get out of debt, I’m talking making a serious commitment to it, there is usually a motivating force behind it. Though some people are self-motivated when it comes to debt repayment, more often than not, people need a motivating factor to help push them along their debt repayment efforts. […]

Financial Mistakes: Observing Patterns From Family You Don’t Want To Repeat

A huge reason why I blog is to teach people about mistakes I made and lessons I learned from them. Though not everyone learns this way, I do well with learning from past mistakes, mine or others. With Father’s Day approaching, I thought I would share some financial mistakes my dad made and what I […]

Get Out of Debt Basics

Every day, people look for options for how to get out of debt. I started this get out of debt series with my personal story a few weeks ago, and today we will discuss options anyone can do when looking to get out of debt. It isn’t complicated, but they will definitely help you get […]

A Personal Experience With Stopping The Debt Cycle

I don’t think people intentionally take on debts they can’t afford. People borrow with the best intentions but sometimes find themselves in a debt cycle of borrowing more than they can pay back. The debt cycle starts innocently but can quickly spiral out of control. My Debt Cycle Story My debt cycle started with my […]