Are you looking for an active online forum for Asian-based Forex traders? Here are 6 forums you should join in 2018

In the pre-historic era, men thrived in their environments by hunting and gathering in groups. This resilient community spirit enhanced also enhanced protection from external attacks. Nowadays, you can just order a pizza online rather than going into the woods. However, when it comes to successful Forex trading, you need to belong to a community.

If you’re looking for an amiable online community where you can freely discuss Forex trading in your native language, take a look at these six forums.


  • Forex Forum.Asia


Forex Forum.Asia initially started as an online forum for Malaysian Forex traders. The international popularity of Forex trading attracted traders from all over Asia. In order to capture the high volume of traffic permanently, ForexForum.Asia created Chinese, Indian, and Middle East sub-forums.

Forex Forum.Asia has groups targeting new, intermediate, and expert traders. Joining a group helps you to receive answers fast rather than creating a new forum thread topic. Groups also have greater harmony due to daily interaction. It’s advisable to have a free demo account before joining newbie forums. You can get on on Forex Forum.Asia or Juno markets.


  • Forex Peace Army


A group of enthusiastic Indian-based Forex traders started a Facebook group in order to assist novice traders. Within a short time, the group had attracted hundreds of thousands of Forex traders. This led to the development of the Forex Peace Army online forum. Here, you’ll come across Forex broker, software, and managed Forex trading accounts unbiased reviews.

You can freely ask questions or post content in Punjabi so long as it’s in the right forum. Forex Peace Army recently created European subforums and switched to using English as its official language. One major benefit of joining Forex Peace Army is you’ll get informed about ill-intentioned forex brokers and traders through the Scam Alerts Folder forum.


  • Forum.FXOpen


If you’re looking to join an online Forex trading forum that’s not just limited to your nation, Forum.FXOpen is the right place for you. It caters to new and experienced Forex traders from all over Asia and even has subforums for various countries where members discuss trading matters in their native languages.

Forum.FXOpen offers free demo accounts and currently accepts members from all over the world. It also has a unique community feature where you get to view members’ upcoming birthdays. This helps to foster community spirit. Forum.FXOpen moderators earn a modest $50 dollars a month.


  • Pakistan Forex Forum


This online Forex trading forum publishes all content in Urdu. If you’re a Forex broker, you’ll gain immense knowledge by joining and actively participating in the Brokers’ forums. There’s also a trading software forum where you’ll read hundreds of personal experiences that will help you choose the best platform for your needs.

Pakistan Forex Forum has two site-based Forex trading games. This unique approach to Forex trading will make you enjoy spending time on this forum. Pakistan Forex Forum provides real-time Forex quotes and publishes articles from renowned Pakistan Forex traders.


  • E-Investing India


E-Investing India targets Asian-based Forex traders. The Moderators advise members to post discussions and content in English. You’re not allowed to post any advertisements in forum discussions. It’s also illegal to post short-term trading tips because it’s a form of indirect advertisement.

The forum’s administrators seem content with using a modest HTML web design. E-Investing seems appropriate for intermediate and expert Forex traders. Their forum lacks free demo accounts or trading learning resources for new Forex traders.


  • Forex Forum Pakistan


Forex Forum Pakistan is an affiliate to Pakistan Forex Forum. The main difference between them is that Forex Forum Pakistan uses English as its official language in order to reach an international audience. Here, you can get credible leads to opening Forex trading accounts that comply with Islamic laws.

Now is the best time to join one or more forums on this list!


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