Anton Kreil Net Worth

Anton Kreil

Anton Kreil Net Worth

Anton Kreil’s net worth is expected to be roughly $10 million as of 2017.

Anton Kreil Background

Anton Kreil started trading at the age of 16 and eventually became a Vice President at Goldman Sachs in their European Equities Trading division. He then became a TV star in Britain on Million Dollar Traders as the manager of 8-12 amateur traders seeking to become rich from trading. What a concept, but is this guy legitimate?

Now, we already know our thoughts on trading vs. investing, however it seems that Anton was legitimate throughout his years and has been quite successful as a trader.

Anton Kreil in 2017

Anton Kreil now owns his own professional trading class called “Professional Trading Masterclass”. The class is designed to help those that are new to trading become “masters”. His website looks legitimate, but as always do not forgot that he is starting a business around his skillet in trading, which is great, but there are caveats here.

Overall Thoughts

A dose of reality into this post – if you are considering trading stocks or any other financial asset, understand that there is real risk involved, and I don’t recommend shelling out large sums of money for trading classes, as experience and obtaining a skill set in trading will help much more. Many trading classes will offer knowledge that is helpful, but it will take years of experience and trial and error to become a strong trader. I say this as I have personally seen friends lose a great deal of money trading. Trading can be like gambling, once you get one success you feel that it is always possible, but ask yourself, is this sustainable?

My recommendation for success and wealth will always point towards investing and business building.

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