6 Ways to Financially Succeed in the New Year

  1. Save a percentage of your income every paycheck.

Automate part of your paycheck to go straight to your savings.   Wait a few months and you will be pleasantly surprised with the extra cash just when you need it most.

  1. Talk to your partner about money.

Have those important conversations about finances with your partner or family member. Together, set financial goals; map out a plan and work together to achieve it.

  1. Contribute the max amount of money to your 401K that your employer will match.

Talk to your HR department and see if your company offers for a 401K contribution match. Then learn more about it—do they match dollar for dollar? Is there a waiting period before they start matching dollars? What percentage do they match?  An employer 401K contribution can help you build your retirement fund more quickly.

  1. Set limits for online shopping.

It’s so easy to over spend online. In an effort to prevent overspending, set a monthly budget and stick to it. Consider getting an online gift card to your favorite store (where you may be overspending) with a certain amount of money loaded onto it. Once you have spent the full amount, then your “allowance” for the month has been spent.  You can reload next month with your set amount that you’ve budgeted.

  1. Resolve to be accountable for your finances.

Set goals and monitor your credit score. You can download your credit report once a year at www.annualcreditreport.com.  If something doesn’t look right on your report, take action to get it resolved.  Ask for financial advice.

  1. Still don’t think you’re financially where you want to be?

Talk to a professional about how you can reach your goals. They can help you develop   a monthly plan that pinpoints everything you need to succeed.

Success is different for everyone. Comparing your financial situation to others will not help you get ahead. What will make a difference is taking the stance to make a change and sticking to your plan.  By defining your goals, and taking the steps to meet them, you are taking the initiative in creating your financial success!


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