5 Steps: How To Get Cheap Car Insurance [Infographic]

how to get cheap car insuranceLooking for more ways to save? There’s no better way to be frugal than cutting your monthly expenses. Why get cut by a recurring bill that could be possibly be lower than it is currently? Take a look through this week’s straightforward infographic on How To Get Cheap Car Insurance.

1. Assess Your Needs

I think this How To Get Cheap Car Insurance infographic understates needs vs. play-it-absolutely-safe. Sure, you may choose a different deductible, but don’t skimp on getting comprehensive coverage. You should be covered for every situation.

2. Obtain Your Quotes

Although this can be the most laborious piece of research when finding cheap car insurance, it’s the most important one. I suggest people look up quotes at least once a year. I recently changed my car insurance for the first time in a few years, and am saving $30 a month, just because I took a time-out and looked up rates.

3. Compare Your Quotes

I feel a little patronized that this is in the infographic. However, this part is very important as there are tons of insurance companies to choose from! Using a free online website quickly runs comparisons for you whether you need high risk SR-22 insurance quotes or just basic insurance.

4. Threaten To Leave

This is my own point-if you find a quote beating your current car insurance provider, call them up and let them know. See if they can budge.

5. Encourage Competition

This is a fun one, one that I haven’t seen success at. I’m curious, have any readers seen their rates drop when they state they have a better rate from another insurance company?

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how to get cheap car insurance

Before you go, please leave your own comments on lessons you’ve learned of how to get cheap car insurance!
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  1. The message should be very clear, you should shop insurance routinely. If you do not , you are probably paying too much. Just because you shop the insurance does not mean you have to switch.

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