5 Steps to Complete a Quick Move Now

scissors-1986602_640Moving to a new location can get quite stressful and even more so if you are unprepared. Moving should be something exciting for you and something to look forward to – a new life in a new location, or even the prospect of finally achieving that dream job you’ve been wanting. If you are single, just think of it – a whole place to yourself! If you are starting a family or a family that has decided to move out, it can be a fresh, new beginning of another chapter in your lives.

When you organize and prepare for the move, it should ease your anxiety and redirect your energy into focusing yourself that you are re-establishing yourself at a new location.

A lot of moves generally takes place over the course of several months, but what if you need a quick move now? There can be a lot to go over but here are several steps you can do to complete the moving process:

1. You need to prepare. For things to go as smoothly as possible, preparation is essential for moving. Whether you only have a few weeks until the actual move, keep track of the things you need to do:

  • Set-up mail forwarding
  • Transferring your information
  • Packing supplies
  • Change over your utilities

It can be time-consuming and yes, it’s a detailed process you need to deal with, but it can significantly make your move a whole lot simpler and less stressful when you take care of these as well.

2. You need to pack like you’re going on a very long vacation. A lot of people hate packing as it takes too long and there are a lot of things to consider. You will need to sort out the things you will need on your next home and the things you can get rid of now, or you can even sell to make some extra cash.  Consider selling some of your stuff on craigslist or Facebook garage sales. Alternatively if you have a ton of low-value stuff you can take it Goodwill or another charity and take the tax deduction.

3. You need to create an inventory and labeling system. Once you have finished sorting your stuff out, you should do an inventory and label all the items accordingly. You don’t want anything valuable to get lost during the move, right? This doesn’t have to be anything complex, simply writing on the boxes will do.  HINT: boxes that self fold are key, you can use reuse them.

4. Get help. Moving alone is not impossible but it can be a miserable experience and even time-consuming as you’re doing everything by yourself. Get help from friends or family members – it can help make things go faster, especially if you’re needing to move out as soon as possible. A true friend will help you move. You may have to hire movers.

5. Moving into your new place. You’ve taken the time to prepare, you have finally moved into your new home along with all your furniture and other stuff – now there are still a few tasks ahead of you. You will need to clean and dust the place first, before unpacking all your belongings into your new home. Once you have finished cleaning, it’s time to assemble your furniture. There are other items that are in one piece, could be your couch, but if you have other furniture like your bed that was transferred in a disassembled form or that cabinet, you will need to allot time to be able to reassemble them again.

Now it’s time to start a new chapter in your life and just be thankful you don’t need to move overseas!

Do you have any other tips you’d like to share to make a quick move go smoothly?

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