5 Ideas For Your Investments in 2019

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It’s important to diversify your investments in today’s rather uncertain and volatile world. This year is no different. In fact, volatility in metal prices and global energy along with business disruptions due to technological progress or even regulatory changes continue to be dominant themes.

Here are 5 things you should be investing in in 2019.

1. Gold

After a couple of years of range-bound movement, gold is finally shining once again. Movements in gold tend to last for a few years at time, and in times of uncertainty and fear, money always moves to safer assets like physical gold. So, make sure you purchase gold bullion from a reputable dealer in 2019!

2. Stocks within the capital goods sector

After many years of underperforming the broad indices, the capital goods section is gaining momentum again. Being somewhat of an under-owned sector, and also having given very little negligible returns over the past couple of years, this is a sector with a low downside risk and massive upside potential. There are also plenty of well-operated blue chips in this sector for you to pick from.

3. Corporate banks stocks

The last couple of years have seen a massive divergence in performance between those banks deriving income from corporate lending and those with a retail focus. Now, stocks for banks within the retail sector are doing well. Some private banks are noticing a surge in profit booking and more money is moving towards corporate banks.

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4. Real estate stocks

While real estate as a sector is most likely to remain subdued for a few more years yet, real estate stocks seem to be emerging as a highly lucrative investment opportunity this year. This is mostly due to the big clean up the sector has enjoyed over the last couple of years. Today, only well-established and serious players with sustainable and robust business models survive. We know that the market for real estate is always going to expand, so fewer players instantly means better prospects. What’s more with regulation and development acts in place, growth within this investment sector is set to be a whole lot more sustainable and solid. This is another sector that has underperformed, and valuations are highly attractive for investors.

5. Peer to Peer Lending

Finally, consider investing your excess funds in peer to peer lending. These platforms permit you to loan out money to people just the same way the bank does, and you get interest when they pay in. Returns can vary depending on just how risky the loans you decide to fund may be, but they can be anywhere from 6% and up.

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If you’re somewhat wary of loaning money to a person and having them disappear, don’t worry. These platforms let you spread your investments out over hundreds or sometimes thousands of loans in small increments. So, you’re not betting the entire lot on a complete stranger.

These platforms making getting started easy, too. Minimum investments start at just $25.

What will you invest in this year?

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