5 Easy Ways You Can Invest in Blockchain Without Buying Bitcoin

Some years back, Bitcoin was king and people loved it. The returns were good, and it seemed promising for everyone. However, things changed in 2018. It has not been the Bitcoin business people knew. Better ways of investing have come to light. So, you don’t have to buy bitcoin when you want to invest in blockchain necessarily. Here are five easy ways you can invest in blockchain without buying bitcoins:

                1. Overstock.com

You may have heard of Overstock.com for selling its surplus inventory, but there’s something you don’t know about Overstock.com – it’s a blockchain play.

Perhaps you may be wondering why Overstock’s Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Byrne created Tzero. Well, his primary objective was to turn it into an SEC-regulated trading system. He aims at seeing that it becomes a global blockchain-based property.

Because it won’t be regulated, tons of people don’t still understand why the Overstock CEO’s crypto craze will be a better take. Though, what should be considered is that at least Byrne is making some effort.

Davidson puts it plainly that Overstock.com still stands out when it comes to companies trying to exploit the blockchain company. So, you can invest in blockchain through overstock.com without necessarily buying bitcoins. Not still sure? You can also check some of the blockchain stocks.

                2. Mastercard

This may surprise you, but its the reality. MasterCard, a credit card middleman is also jumping into the cryptocurrency world. Just in case you didn’t know – the two (blockchain and MasterCard) have the same purpose.

Because let’s take it from this perspective – if tons of people agree that blockchain is a good option when it comes to trading money for goods and services, then why shouldn’t MasterCard be interested? Do you see the sense?

In fact, that’s the reason why MasterCard started accepting payments through blockchain-based technologies, though Bitcoin wasn’t part of it.

MasterCard plays a big role in ensuring that spenders and vendors do their business, and there’s no doubt that it isn’t excelling in this field as much as people expect. Don’t be deceived because MasterCard is keeping an eye on the crypto world.

                3. International Business Machines

You may have been studying cryptocurrency for some time now and you could be thinking that soon, paper money will be substituted with blockchain. Sorry to disappoint you, but that’s never going to happen. Think of International Business Machines.

International Business Machines have brought to light some advanced products. A recent study shows that International Business Machines is one the best names you can ever talk of in the nascent blockchain industry.

                4. Eastman Kodak

Eastman Kodak that used to be king in around 1980s is still around, and they are going to surprise the world sooner. Yes, it is true that it’s revenue isn’t promising, but one sure thing to note is that they are working on something better that will see them top once more. So, before you assume or ignore it, please keep an eye on it.

                5. Nvidia

One unique thing about cryptocurrency is that they need to be digitally mined. For your information, bitcoin is the collection of unique codes, while it is blockchain programming is what supports bitcoin. Nvidia will be a better option for you to take if you wish to invest in blockchain without buying bitcoins.

                Wrap Up

It may sound like all these are an impossibility but surely they are not. Just test things out and know whi

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