4 House Selling Tips to Help You Sell Your New House

Selling a new home comes with its own set of distinct advantages. It may not have the historical charm as other properties, but its new design and use of modern building materials give it an edge on some older period properties.

That being said, there are always measures you can take to boost the property’s allure to potential buyers. For more information on selling your new property, visit White Square Properties.

Market to Millennials

Millennials will likely make up more than 40% of home purchases in 2019. This means there is a rapidly expanding purchasing group of younger buyers. Marketing effectively to this group is one way of ensuring your property sells quickly.

Millennials want local amenities within walking distance. They don’t necessarily want big homes, but they like spacious homes. Declutter the living spaces and go for a minimalistic look to appeal to the younger generation of homebuyers.

Millennials are also becoming increasingly hung up on green homes. They may be interested to see utility bills, evidence of insulated heaters, and double or triple-glazed windows.

Give it Curb Appeal

With a new property, chances are you won’t need to do much work on the interior. The designs are likely modern and fitting with current trends. However, spending some time on the exterior is often overlooked when sellers are trying to offload a newer property.

Spend some time power washing the driveways, planting flowers, mowing the lawn, and cleaning the windows for the maximum impact on potential buyers. Use solar lights to light walkways and if you have a porch, try and make it as inviting as possible by incorporating some porch furniture.

Leaving lights on is always advisable, particularly if you are showing the property in the evening. Lights make the property look warmer. If buyers are walking up to the property in the dark, their first impressions will likely be more negative.

Tidy Closets and Storage Spaces

Buyers are always on the lookout for storage space and will definitely go snooping in closets and cupboards. Bear this in mind when you are preparing your property for a viewing. Neatly arrange your closets and ensure your cupboards and cabinets are clean and tidy.

Clutter in the storage spaces, even if it is out of sight, makes space look smaller and can make buyers think there is less storage space than there actually is. By contrast, a neatly arranged storage space will look bigger than it actually is, which could be a real selling point.

Consider a Drone Tour

If the property has a striking exterior and garden, consider using a drone to sell the property. With video tours becoming more commonplace, drone tours of the property’s exterior have been on the rise.

For rural properties surrounded by woods, an aerial shot of the property’s landscape and surrounding foliage will be a real draw, particularly among sellers looking to escape the chaos of the city.

These four tips will help get potential buyers into your new house and will help you maximise your property’s assets in a viewing.

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