3 Things To Know When Buying Your First Used Car

It’s a good option to buy a used car when you’re looking for a quality vehicle but you’re on a serious budget. However, just because it’s a sensible choice to buy a used car doesn’t mean you don’t have to be smart about your choices.

Buying a used car is different from buying a new one and there are several important factors you need to keep in mind while you’re on the hunt for a vehicle. Here are some ways to help you choose the right used car for you.

  1. Don’t rely on a visual inspection. There are 6 million car accidents in the U.S. every year, and the vehicles involved in those accidents can be repaired and resold. A visual inspection of the vehicle won’t be able to tell you anything about any potential damage the car may have sustained. That said, have a trustworthy mechanic inspect the vehicle as a part of the buying process. Remember that the seller is getting rid of the vehicle for a reason.
  2. Remember that you can walk away, and be prepared to. It’s easy to feel pressured into buying a vehicle that might not be the right match for you. Avoid being a victim of this pressure even if the deal on the vehicle seems great. On the flip side, you want to be prepared to walk away from a sale even if you’re interested in the vehicle. If you’re too eager to buy the car that day, you could end up accepting an offer you’re not actually comfortable with.
  3. Mileage doesn’t make a better vehicle. When you’re looking for a used vehicle, it’s best to keep mileage in mind. Cars with mileage under 100,000 are ideal, but keep in mind that a low mileage doesn’t necessarily make a car a better vehicle than one with high mileage. Low mileage means less wear and tear and a longer life on the surface. But if a car has been infrequently driven, its rubber and plastic parts can become dried and brittle. A low mileage vehicle could end up needing more repairs and reconditioning later on. That said, keep the vehicle’s age in mind when you’re looking at the mileage, too.

Investing in a used car is a great way to get a quality vehicle on a budget. But it’s important to do your research on the vehicle you want before you buy it just like a new car to feel secure and confident on the road.

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