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How to Save $2000 in 8 months

Saving $2000 in 8 months you say, this is an impossible feat. You’re already barely spending money (or so it seems) and you can barely make ends meet. If you’re in this situation, understand that it’s perfectly normal, and that 95% of Americans or more are in the same situation. However, also understand that this […]

Having a Family Savings Could Save Your Future

In the face of high rent, no jobs, low salaries and extremely high-interest loans, it is wise to rethink our saving strategies. The future could be in investing, saving and living together. There are so many benefits to putting resources and money together than there is if you choose to choke with financial burdens on […]

What Are the Various Colors of Diamonds?

Many people fail to recognize that diamonds actually come in multiple colors. Some people think that one diamond is going to be exactly the same as the rest of the other diamonds in the world. But if you take a look at them closely you’ll see that there are subtle differences in some cases and […]

Can You Have Two Car Loans At Once? Read This First.

A car is a purchase that most of us will make at least at one point in our lives. But what happens when life calls for two cars at once, and you just don’t have the cash? Can you take out two loans at the same time? The simple answer is that you certainly can, […]

Use Your Smartphone for Better Money Management

Money management used to involve filling out checks and writing down the payees and check amounts in a balance book. Statements arrived once a month in the mail, and you reconciled your balance against the checks you wrote to determine which ones were cashed and which were outstanding. This is still true to an extent, […]

Haven’t Changed Your Oil?: Don’t Wait Any Longer…

It’s a question that many might not even think of, after all, does changing your oil impact the value of your car anyway? YES it does, in a very large way. Have you ever thought about the lifetime value of your car? How about the fact that your car is a steadily depreciating “asset”? We’re […]

How to Make the Most of the New Inheritance Tax Rules

While there is no single tax that anybody actually wants to pay, there are some that prompt a more emotive reaction than others. Take inheritance tax, for example, which often arouses strong emotions among citizens despite the fact that it is applied to fewer than one in 25 deaths. It remains an emotive and controversial […]

Connor Franta Net Worth 2017

Who is Connor Franta? Connor Franta is a 24-year-old YouTube star who has roughly 5 million subscribers on his youtube channel, “Connor Franta.” Connor was born on September 12, 1992, in Wisconsin to parents Cheryl and Peter. He eventually attended Saint John’s in Queens NY and since gone on to, become a millionaire! Career Connor […]

How to Choose the Right Bank Card for Your Needs

With the convenience of electronic payment options, billions of people use bank cards for everything from shopping to paying bills both online and in-person. Many industries, such as hotels and car rentals, require a bank card in order to make reservations, and it seems the modern economy demands that people have at least one bank […]

Pros and Cons of POS Systems

A high-quality point of sale (POS) system is an essential tool that retailers use to increase sales, track inventory, and enhance the overall experience of their customers. Just like all technology, there are pros and cons to incorporating this type of credit card processing system into your business. Selecting the right point of sale terminal […]