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Key Areas of Business Where You Should Be Using Technology to Save Time and Money

No matter whether you’re working as a solopreneur, a freelancer, contractor, small-business owner, or the leader of a huge corporation, you probably find that you never have enough hours in the day to finish all the tasks on your to-do list, let alone get some R&R time for yourself. As well, you’re probably always on […]

Get Out of Debt Now

Are you fed up with the unsafe feeling of being in debt? Do you want to be free to do whatever you want? Then this article is for you. In just 5 simple steps I will walk you through exactly what is needed to get out of $25,000 of debt in one year.   Why […]

Unemployed? Immediate Actions To Take Right Now

Have you recently found yourself unemployed? It may seem like the world is crashing around you but all is not lost. Yes, you will have stress from not having an income and the sting of having to rely on the emergency fund or dip into credit cards for a while, but many see their joblessness […]

Are Penny Stocks Risky?

Ah penny stocks, the quick way to riches. This sounds like the Saturday morning infomercial with coffee and eggs; invest in penny stocks and make millions! Sign up for trading for free today! Now, is this all true? Not by a long shot, and I’m not saying to never invest in a small cap company. […]

Got skills?

With all this talk about personal finance, let’s take a step back and talk about skills for a moment. You may be wondering, what at all do skills have to do with personal finance? The answer frankly is, a lot more than you think. In reality, we should not constantly be focusing on money at […]

How to Get a Loan When You Have Bad Credit

Believe it or not, you really can get a personal loan when you have bad credit. They key to this is in making choices as a borrower that are smart. This can even start you on the path to rebuilding your credit. It might seem to be more than a bit overwhelming, but with careful […]

Is Returning to School a Smart Financial Decision?

On one hand, you know that college grads tend to earn more than non-degree-holders — and the positions they qualify for tend to boast better benefits, too. On the other hand, college education is increasingly expensive, and many students must acquire loans that take years to pay off. Thus, returning to school can be exceedingly […]

How to Pay Business Debts When You Aren’t Getting Paid

Being an entrepreneur is far from the easiest job in the world. From the very start, you have significant concerns: How will you fund your operations? Who can you trust to work for you? When will your business come out of the red? While many small businesses thrive, many more flounder, and sometimes, an entrepreneur […]

Here’s How a Motivational Speaker Can Inspire Your Employees

It’s not easy to keep employees creative and inspired. As a matter of fact, employee disengagement is rampant, with polls showing that 60 to 70 percent of American employees are disengaged at their jobs. Gallup estimates that workplace disengagement costs American companies over $450 billion a year. There’s no simple solution to this problem, but […]

You’ve landed your dream interview. What now?

After all the LinkedIn connections, cold emails, and what felt like 1000 job applications, you are about to give up all hope. Suddenly, you receive an email from your top company. The email reads: “Congratulations Julia! After our most competitive application process to date, we have deemed you worthy and decided to extend to you […]