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Is Savings the Way to Grow Your Wealth? You Would Be Surprised

Most personal finance blogs will tell you that savings is the most important factor in becoming wealthy, which is true right, if you don’t save; you simply cannot increase your net worth, which is a lose/lose situation. However, is savings the answer to abundant wealth? Lets take a look at what saving over a lifetime […]

The Best Market Opportunities for Q3 2017

Political and economic turbulence always creates a good number of market opportunities. As a result, 2016’s levels of political upheaval were great for investors the world over, who seized on market uncertainty to create profit. The first quarter of 2017 has seen some of this uncertainty return, thanks to Britain’s decision to implement Article 50 […]

What is “living within your means”?

A common topic in the personal finance world surrounds living within your means. But is it really important to live within your means? And what are the main benefits and drawbacks in doing so. Rent – the Great Bambino  When I think about living within your means rent is the main showstopper. If your rent […]

Reaping The Rewards Of Compound Growth

You often hear about the importance of time when it comes to investments, but it can be difficult to fully comprehend the rewards associated with compound growth. Compound interest allows you to earn interest today on the interest you earned yesterday and so on. This is known as exponential growth and can be neatly illustrated […]

Creditpoor Now Offering 12 Month Loans

When taking a loan from a loan lender, a few things are important to consider. These are the factors that determine how much of a wise decision it would be to engage with the loan lender. You must take into account his terms very carefully and be sure you can meet those conditions before going […]

Best Things to Use Your Money for After Retirement

Retirement is something that we all look forward to. After all, we spend around 50 years of our lives working for other people, so aren’t we all entitled to some “me time”? However, retirement can be stressful financially. Without a full-time salary, living standards can sometimes feel pinched in old age. But, with some successful […]

Novel Ways To Get More From Your Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are an omnipresent fact of life in the 21st Century. In a shockingly short space of time the technology has developed from large, cumbersome handsets that only handle calls, to pocket sized micro-computers, that process more information more quickly than what NASA used to send astronauts to the moon. All that means that […]

Removing the Roadblocks of Bad Credit: Strategies for Securing a Personal Loan

Life has a way of throwing us surprises. Whether you are suddenly facing unexpected home or vehicle repairs, you have a destination wedding to attend, or it is the perfect time for you to launch a start-up, you need a personal loan. If your credit history is less than stellar, do not fear. There are […]

Alternative Investments: Still the Road to Riches?

Private equity, venture capital, and hedge funds have been the rave lately. I check the WSJ and every day there seems to be a new investor that has made millions. However, does it make sense for the average investor to dabble in these potentially risky, yet also potentially very profitable investments?     Some definitions: […]