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Is Being Wealthy Really Worth It?

The ancient pharaoh’s of Egypt were certainly wealthy, but they are not doing too hot now. In modern times most people still want to be rich. Given that it is a pretty difficult task to go from poor to wealthy in a lifetime, we ask the question; is it something really worth pursuing? Is it […]

Tying The Knot: Time For a Good Talk About Money

There are few moments in life as thrilling as getting engaged. Partnering up for the rest of one’s life can be a wonderful thing. There are a few important topics that should be talked about prior to the nuptials, however. Early engagement is a sweet time, and it’s also the right time to discuss money […]

5 Best Places To Invest Your Money 

So you’ve saved up and have a little cash to invest. You like the idea of seeing that money grow. You’ll be able to afford that brand new Porsche, or that dream trip to Italy. But you didn’t learn finance too well yet, no fear that is where all things finance saves the day! Here […]

Is it Ever a Good Idea to Borrow From Retirement Savings?

Life is expensive, and few people can manage to cover healthcare, college savings, retirement savings, a mortgage, the daily costs of living, and accumulate a large emergency fund. So if you’re laid off, face a family medical emergency, or are drowning in debt, borrowing from your retirement savings can feel like a tempting option. After […]

How Sales Can Improve with Business Automation

Whatever industry your business is in, marketing and sales go hand-in-hand and it can take up a big chunk of your operations budget. Sales is the lifeline of companies, whether dealing in services and products for either businesses or consumers that gives more revenue in a lesser amount of time. You can improve your sales […]

Eben Pagan Net Worth

Eben Pagan Net Worth $15 million as of 2017. Who is Eben Pagan? Eben Pagan is a self-made multi millionaire that amassed a great amount of wealth from creating E-books sold via his various websites focused on self help in dating, business, and personal finance to name a few. Several of his self-help E-books have […]

Sandile Shezi – The Story of the South African Who Beat the Odds

Sandile Shezi is the man you see in the picture to your left, and his story is one that you would not first think of when looking at this picture. However, Sandile is currently South Africa’s youngest millionaire, at the tender age of 23, but did not inherit his wealth, and his quest is very […]

Should Parents Pay for Their Kids’ College?

When it’s time to send your kid off to college, the inevitable question will come up: Who should pay? For those who are seen as pretty well off, most people will assume it’s the parents’ responsibility. But does it have to be?  Parents Can Give Their Children A Better Start Into Adulthood As parents we […]

Should You Get a Mortgage Loan Online?

Purchasing a home is a life-altering event, and into it goes an enormous amount research and decisions.  One of the biggest questions people ask is, “How am I going to pay for this home?” Unless you are well versed in finance, navigating through financial jargon is overwhelming and confusing. The vast array of financial institutions […]

Women Leadership? Yes Indeed

Many studies have shown that fostering an inclusive corporate environment where women have the opportunity to succeed enhances overall company performance and employee satisfaction. It benefits all parties involved to empower women in business: women themselves, their families, companies, and society as a whole. Yes indeed Women Leadership. If you think about it, it makes […]