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Career Options: Make the Right Life Choices For You

With so many career options available in today’s economy it can be an overwhelming task of where to start choosing. Further, in order to compete in today’s extremely competitive employment market-place, one needs to plan their chosen career path likely well in advance. For instance, it will make sense in going into college what career […]

Retirement Investment Trends

Saving for retirement is a perennially popular finance topic, and for good reason. The majority of American workers agree that saving for retirement should be a priority, but their actions are usually different than their stated priorities. The National Institute for Retirement Security has undertaken a study that shows American retirement savings are now in […]

The Intelligent Investor: The Best Book In the World

The Intelligent Investor is by far the most well respected investment philosophy book in modern history. The author Benjamin Graham was a world renowned investor and mentor to Warren Buffett, who is well-known in modern times as the world’s most successful investor. Warren Buffett has publicly stated that much of what he bases his investment […]

Employment for Accountants Will See Continued Growth

It’s no surprise that the accounting profession is projected to grow in the next decade. Figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate an estimated 11 percent increase in job opportunities between 2014 and 2024. Additionally, several factors may contribute to these gains. Staffing giant Robert Half International cited the rise in aging Baby […]

What are The Well Hidden Business Specialties?

Many people know that they are interested in business, but are not sure exactly what kind of jobs they want. When you think of a business career, you probably think about chasing profits for big corporations. Some business jobs are centered around achieving this goal, but there are other jobs related to business that are […]

What the Credit Card Companies Do Not Want You To Know

Ah this is a great topic for the holiday season…Credit cards are the best invention ever made right? Well, they may be a great invention for credit card companies (especially right around this time of year), but for the consumer that does not understand their impact, credit cards can be a nightmare. However, for consumers who […]