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Financial Life Cycle [Infographic]

From the moment we enter this life till the day we exit it, we progress through several different financial life cycle stages. I love the bird’s eye view of this week’s infographic illustration of these financial life cycle stages. Upon looking at this life cycle, we will be able to determine where we stand, determine […]

A Personal Experience With Stopping The Debt Cycle

I don’t think people intentionally take on debts they can’t afford. People borrow with the best intentions but sometimes find themselves in a debt cycle of borrowing more than they can pay back. The debt cycle starts innocently but can quickly spiral out of control. My Debt Cycle Story My debt cycle started with my […]

Getting a Credit Card for the First Time

I got my first credit card in my early 20’s. It was a secured credit card through my bank. You see, I didn’t know what I needed to know about getting a credit card. I knew “paper or plastic” and how to spend that credit card, and I also wanted to build some credit. A […]