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All Things Finance Monthly Standard

Some of you might remember that in last month’s Monthly Standard the Chicago Blackhawks were forging ahead in a pivotal game 7 against their nemesis the Detroit Redwings. Historically this would be the last time these 2 teams would meet in the playoffs because Detroit was switching conferences. The Blackhawks went on to win, coming […]

Finding Motivation For Debt Repayment

When one decides they want to get out of debt, I’m talking making a serious commitment to it, there is usually a motivating force behind it. Though some people are self-motivated when it comes to debt repayment, more often than not, people need a motivating factor to help push them along their debt repayment efforts. […]

Financial Mistakes: Observing Patterns From Family You Don’t Want To Repeat

A huge reason why I blog is to teach people about mistakes I made and lessons I learned from them. Though not everyone learns this way, I do well with learning from past mistakes, mine or others. With Father’s Day approaching, I thought I would share some financial mistakes my dad made and what I […]

Never Lose Money In The Stock Market

As a small investor with less than a couple of million dollars in the market, you should not be losing money. There’s no reason for people to lose money yet time and time again, I see exactly that. Investors have every tool to make good investment decisions, but they still buy a stock when it’s […]

Bad Spending Habits…And How To Fix Them [Infographic]

This week’s Financial Infographic  focuses on what anyone can struggle with: bad spending habits. There are a lot of people with bad spending habits, and it’s not just those that are broke, seem irresponsible, or can’t find a job. Many people are susceptible–and often unaware–of the bad spending habits laid out in this financial infographic. […]

Get Out of Debt Basics

Every day, people look for options for how to get out of debt. I started this get out of debt series with my personal story a few weeks ago, and today we will discuss options anyone can do when looking to get out of debt. It isn’t complicated, but they will definitely help you get […]

How I Picked My CPA out of Thousands of Registered Tax Preparers

A couple of years ago I was in imminent need of a CPA. Up until then I had used Turbo Tax and even after running into some hiccups, because of some online stock trading I had done, I stuck with them. I had boug ht a home in March and planned to file my tax […]

Home Mortgage Calculator – Do you actually require one?

Number crunching happens to be one of those things that can get painful at times. At the same time, there are instances when it can become a joyous task too. Now, as a prospective home buyer it depends on how you choose to look at things. This is obvious since home buying is after all […]

5 Steps: How To Get Cheap Car Insurance [Infographic]

Looking for more ways to save? There’s no better way to be frugal than cutting your monthly expenses. Why get cut by a recurring bill that could be possibly be lower than it is currently? Take a look through this week’s straightforward infographic on How To Get Cheap Car Insurance. 1. Assess Your Needs I […]

Investing 101: Stay Away From Bankrupt Companies

In some ways, publicly traded companies are not that much different from individuals. They must generate income and a positive cash flow in order to operate just like you and I need a cash flow to survive and pay our bills. Not unlike individuals, a company can also file for bankruptcy if its obligations become […]