Tying The Knot: Time For a Good Talk About Money

There are few moments in life as thrilling as getting engaged. Partnering up for the rest of one’s life can be a wonderful thing. There are a few important topics that should be talked about prior to the nuptials, however. Early engagement is a sweet time, and it’s also the right time to discuss money […]

Using Cost-Effective Upgrades to Increase Property Value

Your home represents one of your most substantial investments, so you’d naturally like to see its value appreciate during the time you own it.  Ideally, the real estate market will help you reach this expectation, boosting your property value over time.  There are no guarantees, however, particularly during periods of economic uncertainty.  As a result, […]

How to Become Wealthy

How to Define Wealth Before discussing how to become wealthy it might make sense to discuss what the definition of wealthy really is. Is it 2 million in the bank? A salary of 1 million per year? In my opinion being wealthy is having enough money to allow yourself to never have to work again […]

How to Draft a Watertight Contract

When you’re running a business, you need legal contracts as a fact of life. When you run a small business, especially when you’re starting out, it’s unlikely you’ll have access to an inhouse lawyer for every contract you need. You’ll be working by customising templates, or reworking contracts you’ve previously used. Here are a few […]

How Much Do You Need To Save To Become A Millionaire By Age 65?

I was sitting in my apartment, looking over my net worth figures and feeling hopeless when a thought occurred to me. I don’t need to make any massive savings or investing moves to get rich, I just had to save, and save and save. Just to provide some background on this I was looking at […]

Top 5 Personal Finance Books: What You Wouldn’t Expect

Some love watching sports, some love surfing, and others like a good steak dinner; my favorite thing to do is have my girlfriend read me personal finance books. Is that crazy? Perhaps, but it also may be genius. Regardless, reading personal finance books, has made me smarter, wealthier, and a better person. Today I’m going […]

Mohnish Pabrai Net Worth

Mohnish Pabrai’s life story is one that everyone aspiring to be wealthly should read. He is someone who did not follow a set path and continued to grow throughout his life. However, there are many pieces that were essential to his success that many do not know about.   Mohnish Pabrai Net Worth : $50 […]

Improve Financial Health Through Mobile Apps

In year 2017 we find that more and more information and resources are available to us at the touch of a button. Want to know how to make guacamole? Google a recipe and find a cooking video on YouTube. Interested in finding a soulmate? Swipe right on Tinder. Looking for ways to keep track of […]

How to Start the Next Facebook and Make Billions (Kind-of)

Okay, so no one is going to give you a direct path to billions (or they would likely take their advice themselves!) Regardless, technology can be a very attractive career path for many young adults, but what does it take to set oneself up for a career in the technology field. Even so, what types […]

Career in Public Service: Worth the Risk?

Many youngsters grow up dreaming to become police officers and fire fighters, mayors, teachers, etc. and it is for good reason. These careers allow one to join a good cause and truly be a hero in their communities. Risking ones life is a noble task, but what many forget is that a career must also […]