Capital Management When Trading

Trading comes with risk. No matter what asset you’re trading, no matter how you plan to trade, there will always be the risk of losing capital. However, there are ways to dial down that risk. These strategies are called capital management or loss exposure strategies. Today, we’ll talk about what capital management is, the two […]

Why Do We Value Worthless Paper As Money?

I’ve got a hundred dollar bill in my pocket and with the possibility of a zombie attack imminent I want to trade it in for real gold. Don’t worry about whether this makes sense or not. I want my gold. I’ve never had any and it seems like the right time. The important question to […]

Save Money Driving – Fuel Saving Tips 11 – 15

Are you driving to see family this holiday season? Taking a road trip to see the fam can be cheaper and more (or less) convenient than taking a flight. If you haven’t noticed, in the past 10 days fuel prices have dropped 50 cents in many areas across the country. But don’t be deceived, they’re […]

Chances That The US Will Plummet Off The Fiscal Cliff

Many people have heard about the fiscal cliff and the devastating toll it will take on our economy if we in fact go over the edge. Because of tax adjustments, people will make about 4% less, business will lay thousands of people off, consumers will stop spending money, home short sales will cease to exist, […]

Why Consumer Confidence Is Higher Than It’s Been In Four Years

The following article has been written by Stella Walker. She is a freelance finance and marketing blogger for Stella’s main fields of interest are personal finance, online personal finance platforms, and the business of web marketing. Feel free to send her some comments! Consumer Confidence A recent consumer report continues the narrative of cautious optimism that’s […]

The Fiscal Cliff [Infographic]

Today’s financial infographic deals with a VERY important issue facing the nation this year – the fiscal cliff. By the end of 2012, several tax cuts are set to expire while other tax increases are set to begin. The temporary payroll tax cut will end (2% reduction in take home pay), certain breaks for businesses […]

Quantitative Easing Explained – Midweek Infographic

If you follow any financial news sources such as CNBC, The Wall Street Journal or Bloomberg, you’ve heard quantitative easing mentioned a few times.  For most people, the term may seem completely foreign.  What most people outside of the financial industry are unaware of is the enormous impact that this Federal Reserve tactic has on […]